Hello everybody and welcome back to one of the most interesting articles of this year!

This time I’m coming to you with an update on a city dear to my heart from Romania. Since my last visit a lot have changed, in better, and for the better or not, I’m going to write again about it now and also, one more time, when it will reach another level of evolution. However, after three years it is absolutely unrecognizable and without further waiting, I’ll get straight in the details.


Sometimes you need a getaway, and that sometimes applies for some to be repeated every once in a while as it is for me. For this Easter celebration my family and I had decided to travel to the north-western part of Romania, more exactly to Carei, where is another part of our family which we don’t get to see very often.

With that thought in our minds, on the last Friday before Easter we got in the car and drove three hours to a city whose magic is to bring my whole family together every time I visit it.

Info for the newcomers

For the ones who just joined our beautiful community and didn’t have the chance to read the first article with Carei, I’ll give you the basic information to get you all in the same line.

To begin with, Carei (`Careii Mari` - as it is found in History books and maps), is a historical city due to the fact that it was the last part of Romania which was taken back from the Austro-Hungarian Empire back in the days, when our country was fighting for the union and its victory as a whole country. It is located in the northwestern Romania, near the border with Hungary and because it was occupied by Hungarians quite a long time, both languages Romanian and Hungarian are spoken by its residents. The most important historical building in the city is the Károlyi castle. Built originally as a fortress around the 14th century, it was converted to a castle in 1794, undergoing further transformations during the 19th century. The manor is surrounded by an arboretum, covering a surface of about 30 acres (12 ha) and containing a great variety of species of trees and plants. Nowadays at the castle you’ll find a horse stable too, which is open for tourists in the summer.

For more historical information about this beautiful city, check my first article with it:


Story time

After we arrived at my aunt’s place, we had dinner and went right after for a walk which left us speechless due to the shock that the city has evolved a lot since our last visit. We discovered new cafes, terraces, restaurants, places which were renovated and put right in the spotlight and many more projects recently accomplished or in progress. Moreover, we are not the only ones who saw the potential of this city, but also the big investors put an eye on it and some already made a move in building or renovating old buildings and turning them in four-five star hotels.

Story time + pieces of advice

Also, because of its beginning as a historical city put back in the challenge of coming on top travel destinations in Romania, for now the prices are quite low and reduced compared with the ones you find in bigger cities such as Arad, Oradea and Timisoara. Having this opportunity you can buy lots of clothes from boutiques (not second hand ones though, but boutiques in the real meaning of it), souvenirs, food and still have money for when you’ll go out at the café or at the restaurant.

On our second day there, my mother and I went to a cafe located in the old center of Carei, named L’Art Bistro. Both of us were amazed not just by the reduced prices we found there, but also by the quality and the quantity of what we ordered. I had a slice of cake with an ice cream cup and a double espresso, my mom had a frappe and believe it or not, it was only 38RON the total. In Arad we would have paid at least 50RON at a café located in centre and also, not to forget to mention that this café is part of another hotel recently opened there too.

So yes, I encourage you to visit this city not only for its historical importance but also for what it has to offer and how. The average of costs are between low and medium, the only thing which I got to meet and be even more expensive than in Arad are the flowers from the old center, but I guess your loved one will love you either way, with or without flowers. It’s a good start for travelling on the budget, for a short getaway to relax and distance yourself a little bit from the noise and the stress from home. A better start for when you’ll visit bigger cities or further ones, because travelling is not an easy thing to do. Travelling in the real meaning of it consists in experiencing new things, sightseeing, meeting new visions, cultures and to remain with lifetime memories from these places you tag on your location on your Instagram Stories.

Speak with the locals, try to look beyond you see to understand the essence, be present and enjoy the moment as childish as it may sound now, when you’re reading this article.

It sounds so simple the verb ‘to travel’, but unfortunately just a part of those who ‘travel’ really know how in the real meaning of it. Sorry to disappoint you, but travelling doesn’t consist in staying at your accommodation all the time, and just party by yourself or with the people you go there, as I recently heard some people chatting around me, telling each other to travel, and when the question of what they are supposed to do there popped up, they all agreed just on drinking and partying. Well, travelling means more than that, and the ones who follow me and read my articles since 2018, you know what I mean by defining travelling. I never stayed only at the accommodation in a vacation , not even when I was sick, and had a badly stomachache that I still can remember after four or five years since then. I had to get out of my bed and leave the accommodation for sightseeing, and thanks God I did that because not only it helped me by getting some fresh air, but I also made a bunch of memories with the people I was back then.

In the end I encourage you to travel and stay at peace with your own mind, needs, wishes, and also, listen to my advice and go see the world. Start with some near cities, villages and so on, then go to other countries, as far and as much your budget lets you, go. You only have on life, and it’s a shame to not relax while seeing what’s around us and further.

Look at me, this year I’ll make four years of travel and lifestyle blogging in October and I can only say that: I want to travel more. Despite the fact that not only since I have this blog, but for eight years in a row if not more, believe me when I’m telling you that there wasn’t a single year without finding myself travelling.

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll get to travel together as a group, the top of my readers and me along my loved one seeing a part of the world. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?



Ookay, enough for today. See you next time with another article, and also, if it happens that one of you who’s reading this right now to visit Carei, leave a comment and tell us about your experience.

Much love,