Casa Bata

Casa Bata is one of the best travel destinations that you can find in the west of Romania. A hotel which can be found in the middle of nature,  1500m away  from the village of Bata & 75km from Arad. It's the absolutely perfect getaway for a weekend, team building and even for celebrations.

There are two types of rooms which you can book, a standard room for two and an apartment with 2 bedrooms. Furthermore, the hotel has a restaurant with delicious traditional meals and a spa, which incorporates a gym too. You can enjoy the sun & the magnificent scenery by walking around & through the forest. Also, if you have as a hobby the hunting sport, there can be arranged a few sessions at the cabins which can be found in the heart of the forest.

Good prices

For the quality of the services that this hotel provides, you might think that it must be very expensive to spend a night there, but it's not. The room prices per night are affordable for every budget, and the same goes for the meals & spa.

P.S. The spa facilities are opened just for the  summer season unfortunately.

The prices may vary depending on the season you book your room, but the standard prices for the summer season are: 275RON for a standard double room and 675RON for an apartment with two bedrooms.

Personal experience

As you already can tell, I really love that place and for sure I'll be back as soon as possible. I'm a very pretentious traveler, so trust me when I'm telling you that everything meets the standards that you might have.♥️

That was all for today I really hope you liked this article and found it helpful. See you soon with a new travel bundle! #Romaniatour

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