For today’s article I chose to talk about one of the most ignorant subjects of our days. We, as those people who are living in the fastest era since the beginning of history, tend to forget the importance of one of the most sensible phase in our life.

Healing is the vital process that forms us as the people of tomorrow, even though we don’t seem to understand or remember it as that. We take it as a weak link and sincerely, I don’t think that putting on a mask and ignoring the problems and personal issues that you face at one point in your life, will ever help you. It will only lead yourself in negative thoughts and as the time passes, the negativism will eat your nerves and positivity day by day, until you’ll no longer resist to this kind of pressure.

Eventually you’ll find yourself doing everything that is not in your comfort zone or between your boundaries, just to feel alive again. However, at the end of the day you feel better in some kind of way, but not healed. And even though you won’t admit it, you’ll know.

This is like a story which has been put on repeat, hoping that the end will change without anyone’s intervention, but you hear exactly the same ending over and over again.

Accepting this whole process of healing in our life is not a weakness, but bravery from all points of view. Running from it will only get you tired and exhausted, with no willingness of moving forward. Accepting, facing and feeling it will give you the wings that you’re in a soul starvation for so long. It is not easy to accept, to feel the hurt and meet face to face your lowest self, but all this pain and struggles that you’ll face at that time will be all worth it. Why? Because you’ll get to know your value, you’ll get to know what you want, deserve and need. You’ll start to love and take care of yourself more than ever and you’ll be your biggest supporter... the rock you’ll rely on at the hardest and ugliest moments that you will face in this life. You’ll no longer need someone by your side even though it might be a kinship, friend or more. You’ll be at that point where you will only WANT somebody and NOT need... because you already have yourself.

As I said in my book: “When you get to truly know yourself, when you make peace with your inner desires, you’ll completely rediscover yourself.” – book: Dincolo de măști ( available in Alexandria libraries all over the country and on the web store)

We need to heal, to face our wounds in order to let us open again to others, to be finally able to feel the colours of life and to make the difference between the kind of people that hurt you and others, and finally, in order to not generalise and make your life a miserable thinking.

Yes, we may remain traumatised of some shocking events or with (a) big fear(s), but we have to get past and over them. No matter the background, you need to heal and be happy again, after all, “Happiness is a choice”.

I hope you’ll come back and read this article as many times as you may feel at your lowest, so you’ll know you’re not alone on this path, and besides everything else, you’ll be get through everything that is troubling your mind and heart in these kind of moments. Just stay true to yourself, have patience and never forget that after a thunderstorm always comes a rainbow ...and the sun.

Much love,