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I know it’s been a long time since we last met, but now, I’m back, hopefully. I hope every each of you is healthy and good. We’re living such times that is hard to remain positive and sane these days, but I really hope you’re all fine.

Enjoy this beautiful travel article!

So, on 1st February, my family and I were officially on our way to the first location of our short and quick winter holiday, which was Băile Felix, located in Oradea’s county, in our beautiful country, Romania.

The traffic was quite light for that time of the month when everyone was travelling a little, once again, because high schools, schools and so on, were closed for an inter-semestrial short holiday. It took us approximately 2 hours to get there, which is not a long time.

Tip + story: We booked our hotel room via phone, as always, we just got us informed on Booking.com and then called the reception to book a room. Why do we do that? Well, this way you don’t pay the automatic tax which Booking.com already put in the price of the hotel rooms. It’s cheaper this way, sometimes you feel the difference just a little but other times, I guarantee you that you’ll really feel it, and in my opinion every penny is worth saving. Just imagine, with that tax you can book an activity, such as two hours of massage and things like that, and it’s even more comfortable if you are by the sea and with this amount of money , you can book a short boat trip on the sea. We’re doing that for years now, so believe me when I’m saying that it’s a very efficiently method. ;)

P.S. It doesn’t matter how expensive or not might be the location/accommodation because this method goes for all of them. But again, sometimes you might not feel a very big difference at the price, but when you’ll feel it, be sure that you’ll find yourself appealing to this method over the following years too. ;)

We booked our accommodation at Hotel President**** , in one of its new buildings, more detailed, in a business room for three. The room was very beautiful and clean, and also the view from our balcony was amazing. Here’s a sneak peek of our hotel & room. Enjoy!

We stayed 3 nights and had breakfast and dinner included. The food was diversified and for my surprise, delicious too. There were just a few plates that I wasn’t very into . The staff was the big surprise that actually put a smile on my face everytime we went to the restaurant. They were actually very friendly and communicative, and for real now, I wasn’t expecting such a warm welcome because of the restrictions for this pandemic situation that we all find ourselves in, but I’m happy that all happened this way and we haven’t had a bad or unpleasant experience. And one more thing, at dinner there always is live music, a local singer entertaining the atmosphere, so you’ll feel for a while like there is no Covid-19 and everything is normal again.

For the ones who are ready to ask, no, we haven’t been tested for Covid-19 for this trip, we were told that as long as we feel good, respect the restrictions and take care of ourselves, it’s alright.

The last experience I’m going to share with you in this travel article is one of hotel’s buildings facilities . We were very keen on relaxing ourselves and to disconnect as much as we could in this vacation, so we gave Hotel President Aqua Park a shot. It wasn’t amazing but good enough for this time of the year. Here’s a quick tour of it. Enjoy!

To sum up, our first and actually main location of our trip was very beautiful and also, what my family and I need at that time.

I hope you enjoyed my article, tips, vlogs and photos.

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