Year: 2021

Welcome back to another self-improvement & self-development article on my blog!

Long time no see, right?

The fact that I’ve been struggling with this kind of a “gift” that we, as humans beings, give to each other more and more, everyday, the fact that I struggle with my level of tolerance of this “amazing” and “pleasant” gift right now, gave me the urge to write that down.


As you already might know me, I can’t stand disrespect, foolish judgements, but most of all, hypocrisy. Yes, all of us were at least once like that, acted this way, but when certain people in your life, start to be non-stop like this, who are supposed to teach you, support you, in the real meaning of these actions, my level of tolerance has dropped from the very beginning I saw this happening.

I know, I can’t change the world, but the least I can do is to wake up the people who are reading what I write, the people I give a good part of the credit of being here today; with thousands of readers, from all over the world. With a blog that helps people everyday not just with travelling advice but self-improvement advice too. I’ve always been real and natural with you, and this thing right there, no one will ever change.


Let’s start with the people who are supposed to teach and support you. Why do you think most of the students from our country don’t see their learning institutes as something pleasant until they reach the universities and academies they’ve been dreaming about?

And here I’m not talking about the subjects that they’re in love or not with. I’m talking about the “teachers” that are not real teachers. I find myself writing this article, and being able just to name a few teachers who really serve their jobs as they are meant to. Most of them, who are trying to be real or who once was, (but something came up in their life and changed them, made themselves colder and stingy; even that this is not an excuse), are at this moment gifting everyone hypocrisy. For example, despite the fact that their students haven’t done anything to deserve this, they serve them nothing but hypocrisy. Here is my personal example: maybe I was meant to give to one of these “teachers” one of my books for free, for nothing to actually feel on my skin what level of hypocrisy stands in some people who actually are obliged by the law to be nothing but on the contrary. You’re obligation as a teacher is to help them, not to judge and give them “pieces of advice that you might follow” when you give your word to implicate & help not just in front of the law when you become what you represent today, but in front of the ones who you’re supposed to educate at the highest level. And also, when the student achieved her goals, you’re in front of everyone like, “Congratulations my dear etc, yes, you listened to my advice, right?” when everything you did was just make this student lose a lot of time, hope and give poor advice as a big mistake too, because the book has a pubic made of two category of people (as the university degree teacher, consultant and national reviewer, said).

But thanks God, there still are people who are real teachers and real with what they do, and want to educate and help the people and students who are not dreaming all day long but actually do something for them (Generally speaking this time).


And now, let me tell you what you all might have seen on my personal social media accounts: I’ve been recognized by one of the most important personalities of the national culture. This amazing woman not just helped me giving “Dincolo de măști” life, but gave me the privilege to become an official member of a national culture and writers club. I’ve been invited at my first Excellence Gala at 16 years old, where I’ve been talking with people who are known for their BIG achievements, and where, I felt that nothing is impossible to achieve, because full hypocrisy stands just in the people who haven’t achieved their goals in their life, or who simply don’t have what the other has.

Wishes, dreams that didn’t come reality and a lot of “what if” made them how they are today, and for that, I’m simply sorry for these kind of humans, especially if they are women. Why? Because in my opinion, real successful women don’t drag others down, especially if the other one isn’t in term of age, major ( and to finish my personal example, her student).

And then we are asking ourselves why girls from an early age are so cruel with one another?!

Well, everything begins with the way we have been raised, and with the way we choose to remain in this life.


Congratulations to the real successful women out there who don’t drag others down and also, congratulations to the real teachers too! Without them the system itself would fall within a few seconds.

And before ending this article I still have one thing which is about hypocrisy with a personal example too.

We all know what is to have fake/false friends around you, but this time is the fake/false statements that people in general are making, maybe just to stand out  for making a good impression or just to fool others.

And my example is that: When I first announced the “coming out” date of my book, there were a lot of people who had written to me to congratulate me and more than that, to assure me that my book will be 100% read by them.

I lost the count of messages that I got that day and I lost the count of the people who gave their word and never respected it.

But, I was amazed by the people who just congratulate me or not, and still supported me and bought the book right after.

I’m not scared of not selling my books or something like that because it’s been two months already and they’re going very well. People who are curious and want to support the true face of this generation, help to recover this ill society, are buying these books. And not just that, they tell others about me and so, more and more people get to know my work, get to know who I am, and also, buy the book. (So don’t you dare come after and tell me otherwise of the fact why I needed to write that specifically thing down. Thank you.)

If you ever feel like you need to tell someone something without actually feeling it and wanting it 100%, don’t. Don’t be hypocritical. Especially to the one who is at the start of a new chapter in his/her life. You wouldn’t like it either, to come someone at you, tell you how amazing you are, assure you that they’ll support you once you give it on the market (whatever you may want), and after to be sitting by yourself and thinking “where are them?”. The ones who have given their word to you.


You dropped this. Take it. It's yours;)

Hypocrisy, a word which describes something that all of us have because we are humans, but also a word which represents a real danger to the already “ill” society for using it non-stop, in a wrong environment, at a wrong time and to people who don’t deserve this.

With that being said, I really hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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Stay safe & keep shining,

Much love,