There was a time when I felt the urge to write something that will help me and the people around me, and so, I made my own blog two years ago, in 2018.

After more than one year, I felt this urge again, but bigger than before. Little did I know by then, what this feeling was about. In the end, I realised by reading a psychology book, that I want to write my own book, which will have the purpose to help the people around me. But the big question that had put on hold my wish for some months was that: Will my book be read by anyone?

And so, other questions like “What should I write more exactly in this book?”& “What if I won’t have success and adults will be thinking of me like a childish girl with a messy mind, with a book all about a nonsense?”, had started rolling over and over in my head.

Also, this hold may be called fear too.

Fear of failure & fear of reopening the wounds of the most sensitive experiences I ever had.



But you already know, and if not, I’m telling you again. In the article in which I’ve had written about the beginning of this blog, I’ve told you that I am stubborn person, and when I really want something with all of my heart and soul, I can’t stop thinking of it until I make it happen. This is me, a dreamer who fights for her dreams to become her reality. Every single dream that had depended on my will to work for it, to actually make it happen in the end, I made it come to life. I may be sound selfish, but at this point I’m hella proud of me. And here I am, encouraging you to go for your dreams. If I wrote a book, a psychology book, from health & self-improvement category, ALL OF IT BY MY OWN, every single word, YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM TOO. If you work hard, don’t stop at the first snag met on your way, and keep pushing and stay positive that everything will work out for your good, you’ll be fine. Don’t listen to other people that may tell you different “beautiful encouragements” like “you can’t do it”, “you’re too young/old for that”, “it’s nonsense” and so on. You can do whatever you want and wish to do, and this is a thing that not just you, but all the people in this world should learn for once.

The inspiration for the topics of the chapters came from a poll, as I already might have told you in the previous article. A poll for the teenagers of today, in which they had written to me the most sensitive things, that they had to face once in their life, and to my surprise, almost everyone felt to highlight at that moment the five topics which I chose: the wrong impressions, fear, self-confidence, judgements and communication.

The cover process

When I had started thinking of it, I knew that I have to make a call to my dear friend Alexandra. At first, I called her for an idea, but we ended to make one of the best collaborations than we have ever seen. Her willing to help me moved me to tears, and I really mean it. She was in the last year of high school by then, and the exams with the application to the best architecture university in our country, was on their way too.

At the beginning of the cover process we tried different things, from masks, people, shadows to different colours mixed with masks and other; but in the end we chose this cover for its unique style. The colour combination represents all the phases and times that we, as teenagers, have to deal with, and the circled lines represent our way in life, more exactly the whole process of going and facing life with ups and downs.

I wanted something unique with a great significance, with a story behind it. So, thank you Ale!

Firstly for our wonderful and real friendship, and also, for our collaboration!

The whole process of making a book

It’s overwhelming but magically. It’s something that is barely described in words because of its impact on you, and here, at this point, I think every writer in this world agrees with me. You know, sometimes you’re in a horrible mood, but you still find yourself writing, as an escape from the stressful and sad moments that you may be facing at that time in your life. Otherwise, you can be very happy and excited for what are you doing that at some point you just can’t stop doing it! You can’t stop working on it because you already know and actually feel in your bones that the result will be something spectacular.

Personally, writing “Dincolo de măști” was a challenge. I had to open old wounds, to face a few of the ugliest things I had to face ‘till now in my life, and even that in this book are just a few, being a big part of my maturity that I have now, aren’t something that cheers me up. Yes, the way I healed, and now, the help I give to others with my methods cheers me up, but not these specific memories.

Remembering all these things, while I was healing from other ones from this chaotic year, wasn’t easy. It was a hell of a ride to be honest. I cried, I laughed, I was in love, I cried *again*, but all this time I had written too. That’s why I’m saying that this book is a part of my soul, because it actually is. There are my experiences, memories that build my actual self, stronger and wiser than before. I had written it like I write here, in the manner of talking with a friend, in the manner of helping you, by helping me. Helping my soul be finally at peace with the thought:

“Have I done enough to be the difference I want to see in this world?” .

I really don’t want to see the society blame us again and again for being something that we aren’t, or for a specific thing that we do and they don’t agree with. We’re more than that, we face much more things that they might even think of. That’s why I thought of making this book as a piece of the “self-confidence puzzle“ for us, and for our dear society, a “wake up call” or a “flame” to bright out their ideas about us, to actually look behind our masks, and understand the reality, that we are much more than a behaviour.


Gutenberg Typography is well known in our county and also, in Romania too, for being one of the best for the quality of their services and products. BIG THANKS to my team, who believed in me and my dream, and who never missed a single time to make me feel special.

You’re the best! Thank you!

I’m sure I’ll be back to you with other big projects!


I never knew exactly how lucky I am to have such real friends ‘till this summer, when every each of them helped me realising my dream.

Two of them who helped me a lot, were Sergiu and Adelin! Thank you guys for every working hour spent to put my ideas and expectations first, to finally have something better than imagined.


Teaser- by Avădănii Sergiu

Trailer- by Cristea Adelin


I chose to sell my books on my own online store, here, on the blog, and also, directly by message/email/call

In 2021, when I’ll announce the big surprise, the books will be available on another platform too.


In the end I feel divine. Even that I couldn’t throw a big party and make the launch event of the book, because of the restrictions with the Covid-19, there isn’t a word invented yet which can describe the happiness, gratitude and love that I feel in this moment. The whole process thought me a lot of things, made me have more great memories & the results constantly keep showing me that nothing is impossible. I don’t know how are other writers & bloggers, but when people come to me to thank me and tell me that I really helped them, just melt my heart and I’m on cloud nine. For real.

Thank you everyone for reading this article. I know it’s a long one, but I had to make it because many of you have been asking me the same questions, and also, many of you asked me to write an article about “The making of DDM” too. I really hope you enjoyed it!

See you soon with the last article for this year, “Letter to 2020”!


Much love,