Dincolo de măști ("Beyond the masks")

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Hello everyone and welcome back to www.traveleruniquevibes.com !

After a while, I’m coming back to you with something so special for me, that I’ve been waiting for so long to share with you all, and which has been a part of my soul for one year already.

One year, 365 days full of emotions, experiences one more unique than another, stress, tears, problems, happiness, love, grace and hard work. So much work which have been done for “Dincolo de măști” to come to life.

“Dincolo de măști” (“Beyond the masks” ), is a book in Romanian ( for now) ,which is about us, the teenagers of today. The purpose of this book is to help other people like me, have a little more trust in themselves, get to know what they want and what they actually need, better than what they already think. I’m the voice in the crowd which actually says stop to all the rumors, and ask the ones who talk about us some questions:

Do you have an idea what’s behind the mask that a teenager wears everyday?

Did you actually ask yourself what’s going on with us, why are we acting in a way that maybe you’re disagreeing with?

Why some of us are too shy to look in the eyes of the person who we are talking to?

Why we rather stay and do nothing than go and make known our ideas, opinions and what we actually want?

…And so, the questions can continue for eternity, but ONE question that I really can ask you and get a simple answer is that: Did anyone ask themselves, in public or not, what’s going on, and actually MAKE a move towards us, to get to know and understand our perspectives?



The chances are waaay smaller than we may think. I assure you.

The book includes some surprises too, from her unique style, cover & message, to her little special spots which have the purpose to make you actually think about what I’ve told you ‘till that moment in the book. And not just that. It challenges you, to actually make a step forward, not just to read, understand and remember what I had written there. It challenges you to discover what you really want, realise your worth and also, have more patience, self trust and self love.

As I’ve said in its trailer, this book is one of the missing pieces of our self trust puzzle, and also, a flame to bright up the ideas of our dear society, who thinks of us as children with no future and so on.

5 chapters+ One post scriptum + One post post scriptum = a part of my soul= one year which I will never forget.

The chapters are based on your answers.

How is that possible? Well, at the very begging of the process of „Dincolo de măști”, I’ve asked more than 50 people on my personal account on Instagram, that simple question: If there was to be a magazine, in which would be wrote any tips & tricks, pieces of advice for sensitive but often situations that us, teenagers of today, have to deal with everyday, what would you like to see there?

And right after that I continued: and actually, these pieces to be read of many other people, to finally, in the end, at least a little part of our society to wake up to reality, and also, to see a little change at us, having more self trust and self love, having the courage to speak out our ideas and make known our wishes.

And so, many of you had thought that this was for a new article, but no.

From 50 answers, there were more than ten based on the same subject, that were on the same topic but with different words, and one idea was more detailed than the other one. Trust me, I was shocked. Very shocked. But happy. Why? Because in that moment, I finally felt that I’m not the only one who felt at one point in my life, some things, in a specifically way.

Thank you everyone for your answers!

So, my experiences combined with your answers made this book .

As a bonus, for 2021, I have in mind to make it as an e-book, both in English and Romanian, to be accessible to everyone from all over the world. Unfortunately the launch event of the book will be in 2021 because of the pandemic situation.

However, starting with this month, you’re finally able to purchase my book. It will be available here for the printed version, on my online store.

Note: The books will be sold there, being a limited edition, my piece of advice is to hurry up to make the order as they appear online. Also, you can choose if you want the book with or without my signature, that’s up to you.

Both ways I’ll be very happy to have you there!



Thank you all again for everything….and, see you on my online store!

Much love,