It’s been a good while since i’ve been here with you, and all I can say is that i really missed you!

Since last time, so many things have happend & so many things have changed that you can’t even imagine, but one thing that remained the same is my amount of work. I’ve been working so hard lately,for many projects, for school, marketing and especially for the biggest goal of the year. In the next article i’ll let you know what it is, but until then let’s focus on this article.

Today i’m going to show you the „mini-travel weekend” i’ve been talking about on my official account on Instagram - (thatssandree) give it a follow to be updated constantly with the blog.



The 7th of November 2020

A day i’ll always remember. Maybe because it was spontaneous and magical. Me and my loved one had made more than 30.000 steps that day. We had decided to go out on a different kind of date because the number of Covid-19 it’s still increasing, and not just that, being something spontaneous we thought that on our way we’ll figure it out where we’ll end the day. We had wandered through the city, but mostly in its green areas. Firstly we had taken a long walk on the Mureș river bank, to finally arrive, in the end, at the opposite place of the one where we had met that day.

We’ve been staying and walking through the river valley when the brilliant idea of filming and taking photos at the Red Bridge came into my mind.

The Red Bridge is a railway bridge in our city, which is well known for its aesthetic photos. There are on either side of it sidewalks, so you’re safe in case you might want once to take some photos there, or even film something because it’s such a great spot.

This day was something unique for sure. I mean, it’s not just the fact that I was there with my lover, but this place at sunset it’s amazing. The views and the colours of the sky makes it, for me, one of the best spots in Arad.

The 8th of November 2020

Fall photoshoot- located in Vladimirescu’s forest

PH: Cristea.akryte/ Akrytephotos133k

( these are also his accounts on Instagram, check him out )

For a perfect Sunday, me and a dear friend of mine had decided to make a fall photoshoot. I have to mention that our photoshoots last more than 3 hours every time, so if you’re asking how can we take such incredible and spectacular photos, it’s firstly because we don’t hurry, we put our imagination & creativity to work and boom!

However, let’s focus on each location of this photoshoot now:

The 1st location – it’s not for no reason the first one, but because this one it’s in the first part of the forest, we had let our bikes on the path, and walked a little bit more to find the perfect spot.

• The 2nd location- it was in a hidden valley, in a part of the forest which is not easily accessible. To get there you might need some instructions and also a pair of boots/sneakers that are not white or any other light colour.

• The 3rd location – the natural river bank, such a beautiful place if you ask me. This time you have two ways to get there, which are by the principal road or from the valley, as we get.

That’s all for this article. I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved living these days.

See you next time, sooner than you think, with something unique, fresh and unexpected.

Much love,