This is the last article of the #seapack unfortunately.

I really don’t know how time flies that fast, I mean it’s like this summer lasted 10 minutes or less. Anyways, I’m going to start the article now and let you enjoy the beautiful Mangalia.


Firstly we had a coffee and dessert at El Greco café . The prices and the quality of the service were good for a seaside city; and let me tell you one thing, the food was not good, but very good. The prices aren’t very low nor very high too, but for this quality of the dessert and coffee, the prices seemed, in way, too good actually.

After that stop, we went for a walk . As we wandered we arrived in the harbor’s city, from where as well we took a boat ride. Last minute decisions never felt that good. I mean, we were walking down the alley and seen the boat ready to leave, although it was waiting some more tourists, and actually that’s the moment when I said : let’s go. And so, we’ve seen many things that we wouldn’t think of ‘till then.

Here’s a link with the boat trip video, in its caption you have every location that we’ve visited on the sea. Trust me, it’s very interesting to watch the video after you read the caption .

So, go ahead

Once we had arrived back in the harbor, we went to have lunch at Casa Alba restaurant. Our meals were based on fresh fish. The prices were high enough, but at least the food &drinks were amazing.

After that we had wandered a little more on the streets of Mangalia, we drove back to our accommodation in Venus.

Here’s the end of the #seapack of this year.

Wow, 2020 summer you were something that no one expected actually. Like to be honest, I wouldn’t even dreamt of going to the seaside this year. I had plans & vacations booked for 3 countries this year, and all of them had been cancelled due to Covid-19 . Plans, vacations, hopes and dreams ruined by no one else, but Corona. It’s been a challenge for me personally to remain sane and positive, to work hard and to achieve what I want. Even that some hopes have been ruined forever, there are others that may come to life. And if not, c’est la vie. : )

For sure I’ll do an article at the end of this year in which I’ll share with you how was this year for me, maybe something like the article “letter to 2019”. This time I think it will be something like “letter to 2020” . Anyways, stay positive and keep shining little stars.

Stay tuned.

More unique articles & surprises are on their way,

to you.


Yes, the water IS very clean in the harbor too.🤷🏼‍♀️ i was shocked.#blacksea

Much love,