Let’s live. Let’s forget everything that makes us sad, and travel. Let’s travel and just be. Let’s live our life at its best and forget our ego. Life is so much more than sadness. Life is about being happy and live every moment of it like it’s your last.

This is what I’m telling myself every time I feel that this life, my life, is just so, so hard. The fact is, you’re making your life hard by how you act and think. Yes, bad things might happen to us, but we must stay positive, you know?

This article is about Venus, the city where we’ve stayed in our vacation by the seaside. I’ll give you every detail you must know, from food reviews, prices, to accommodation and so many other things.

And again, if you have a chance to travel, anywhere, travel. Doesn’t matter if the destination is the nearest village/city, or the most exotic place on Earth; travelling is such a good therapy that you can’t even imagine.

At first, I have to be honest, I was so tired, more mentally than physically. A lot has happened these months, a lot of work have been done, and I really needed to escape town for a week. I’m telling you, after this vacation, I was recharged. Completely.

It’s amazing what effects have our most loved activities on us. Like for me, travelling and writing are my second love language. Their effects on me are just amazing.

So now, after my pep talk right there, I’m going to start this article and no longer hold you from getting these exciting details.


We had stayed at Academy Hotel, which is located 50m from the nearest beach . It has 4 stars and I really have to say that, is the best hotel I’ve ever was to in my country so far. Really.

I highly recommend it. Taverns and lots of shops are near it too, a special kind of bicycles rent spot in front of it too, and lots of other things that you can do.


A night/day ride with Tomas train around Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Cap Aurora , for ONE person costs 20 RON

A ride with the chaise depends on every coachman. The highest price that we’ve heard it was 80 RON just for a tour of Venus. After all, we went for a chaise ride around Venus, Cap Aurora & Jupiter for 120 RON.

A ride with one of these bicycles costs 30 RON/ one hour. With this bicycle you can go wherever you want. Like, if you want to go for a ride through Jupiter, very well, you may go. But you have to remember one thing, if you don’t bring the bicycle back in one hour, you’ll automatically pay in plus.

Hotels, restaurants and taverns

White Shark- Beach Bar : We’ve had some drinks there which were very good and also, the prices were good enough for a beach bar.

“Caru cu scoici” restaurant- we’ve had dessert and coffee there. I was actually very but very surprised about the quality of the food and coffee too. The prices were good too. Not very high or low. Medium.

“Venusian”- terrace/tavern- it’s a very good place to eat. Also, the prices are for all budgets. We’ve had eaten there more than once. Esplanada terrace- the food is good, not better than others but also, not lower too. The prices are medium to high too. In the evening there are live concerts so you can enjoy your meal with some good music.

Turkiss Grill Restaurant- the food & drinks are awesome. The prices are very good too. You must go there. Trust me, you won’t regret it. I highly recomand it.

“Satu Pescaresc” Restaurant- This is an expensive restaurant on the beach, but trust me, it’s one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. The food was WOW. And when we’re talking about food, I’m not easy to surprise. The fish, vegetables and also my shrimps tasted like Heaven ❤. Also , this restaurant truly respected all the restrictions and rules that government has given once Covid-19 appeared. Like really, everywhere are respected, but here, at this restaurant, were the MOST respected . Highly recommend it.

The beaches in Venus & Olimp

The beaches & the water are very clean . Like really, tbh, I was surprised how clear and clean was the water. In Olimp, once you entered in the sea you must know that there are rocks on the bottom of the sea, but you may also find a lot of seashells like I did, so you’ll stay happy no matter what :)

In Venus the beaches are cleaned every morning &evening, and the bottom of the water is just sand. No path of rocks. The water is very clear here &warm too.

Souvenir shops , shops , food caravans& markets

Each souvenir shop has its own prices so you might want to take a look before you buy something, just in case you find the same thing at a lower price. The souvenirs are like everywhere, many, some of them with nonsense, but of course, there are real souvenirs shops where you can leave more money than you ever planned🙃)

The food caravans are everywhere. The food is delicious and fresh too. I don’t know how is in other cities, but in Venus the food is delicious , really, and also, in general the prices are good.

In the markets, shops and souvenir shops you’re obliged to wear a mask, and if you don’t want to, you’re welcomed as well to go somewhere else. ~one of the shops seller words, not mine:))~

So, this is all for today’s article.

I really hope you liked it, and more than that, found it helpful and interesting.

Stay safe and keep shining,

Much love,