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As I’ve promised you, this time I’m coming back to you with some GOOD travel articles. But what’s new? This time I’ve travelled in my country, Romania, and I have to admit that it was so worth it to risk and travel . Why risk? Because the Covid-19 hasn’t disappeared yet, but however, if you protect yourself by wearing a mask where is necessary, like in the markets & shops, it’s all good.

For now, let’s start the #travelpack with Brașov

As you might know, or not, Brașov is such a beautiful and historical city that words will never be enough to describe the beauty of it. Although, I’ll try to put in words, photos and why not, in a video its beauty, and in your little heart the wish to go there and live every feeling that this city gives you.

The city is notable for being the regional capital of the Transylvanian Saxons of the Burzenland (Romanian: Țara Bârsei) administrative area in the past, and a large commercial hub on the trade roads between East and West. It is also the birthplace of the national anthem of Romania.



We travelled by car in this vacation , and because it’s too much to go from an extreme location ,of your country, to the exact opposite one , like West-East, in one day , we had spent the night in Brașov.

The accommodation was very good, better than expected actually. The hotel where we had stayed it’s called Apollonia and it has 4 stars, and to not forget to mention that they have different offers, for example ours included breakfast too. The food was very good, so I highly recommend this hotel and even if you stay just overnight like me, you should take the offer which includes breakfast too. After we had seen our room we went for a walk through the city. Also, it’s good to know that the hotel is situated near the old centre, like by foot you make around 10 minutes from the hotel to it.

The food

And now, one of my fav parts when we ‘re talking about why you must visit, at least once in your life, Brașov. Its food.

Don’t judge me, but FOR REAL, the food is amazing wherever you go. We had eaten at Mado Café Restaurant. The prices were good enough. We also had some fries from the best cartofisserie in the city (the best fries I’ve ever eaten). In the evening, after we wandered again through the streets of the historical and beautiful Brașov, we had some ice cream from @Emma La Dolce & a cappuccino from Massimo caffe. Again, the dessert and the cappuccino left me speechless.

In conclusion, one of the reasons that one day I’ll be back for sure is the food.=)) no joke. But of course, this is just one reason from the LONG list with ‘why I’ll be back here one day’.

And now, let’s get to the greener part of Brașov, which is Tâmpa mountain and other tourist spots.

We wanted to go up on Tâmpa with the cable car, but unfortunately we arrived too late. The last cable car climb is at 16:00 but you might want to hurry and take tickets with at least half an hour earlier , just to be sure you’ll actually get to go up.

Even that we arrived too late, we visited other spots and again the old center ‘till the weather had let us. It had started pouring rain and we had to go back to the hotel. A piece of advice you might want : because Brașov is practically in the mountains, when it rains , it gets really cold outside. From 28 degrees Celsius it went down below 15. And you really feel them. So take with you, just in case, a pair of jeans & a blouse with long sleeves=)

the carpenter's tower

narrow streets

the old center

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