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 So, because summer has already started and as you may know already, in my country you can travel wherever you want.

And yeah, Lore just couldn’t stay home :)

With that being said, let this travel article begin!❤


I’ve made recently a short trip to Șoimoș fortress.

The scenery is amazing I swear, and also having the Mureș river near makes it more special. It was my first time here and I have to be honest, I didn’t expect the fortress to be so big , well conserved and also so high. This fortress is for the people who don’t mind to climb a little more than usual. I mean, the way to the fortress is very rocky and steep * the reason why I couldn’t film so well, sorry from now for the shaking tho*, however the scenery, not just from the top but from the route too, is WOW. And I really mean it, you’ll see in the video.

P.S. You ought have some good sneakers for climbing, as I have said already, the path is steep and rocky.

The path starts from the principal road but unfortunately it’s not marked , at least there’s nothing more than a rusty board where it’s written some information about the fortress, but that’s all.

However, the scenery and the fortress deserve all the effort you may put or not by climbing the hill.

If you travel by car, you can park it on the street that is at the foot of the hill.

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Șoimoș fortress dates from the end of 13th century and it was documented in 1278. It’s located on the right shore of the Mureș river and it’s near a small city called Lipova . The history of this fortress it’s unique, as a noble family had built it, over the years it became more and more important for everyone and also for Arad too.

The courtyard of the inner fortress of considerable size 35x22 meters, is dominated by the gate tower and the old tower, several storeys high. To the north is the Palace of Queen Elizabeth richly adorned with Renaissance sculptures. Remarkable is the balcony preserved intact to this day and which bears all the name of the former sovereign.

Also from the fortress, a wonderful view opens both to the Mureș defile and to the Arad plain.

Even that the path was rocky and steep, the way to the fortress was amazing.

Before ending this article I want to make an announcement. I have another project going on from last year, and soon you’ll find out what this is about.

This summer, maybe next month, I’ll spread the BIG NEWS .

This project is the biggest I’ve ever done, of course besides this blog.

Two hints that may help you guess what this is about: WRITING & MASKS.

Until next time, stay safe and positive. Even that the whole world is shaking, stay positive because everything will be alright in the end.

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