year: 2018

Dreams, dreams, dreams...

How many times have you had a dream about something that you would actually do anything for it to happen?

No, I’m not talking about our night dreams, even tho some of them are really good, and of course you would be thrilled if they will actually happen in real life. I’m talking here about those dreams which are like goals for us, in our life. No matter the nature of it, to meet someone famous or not, to make your own website/blog/vlog/page on social media, start a new business, enter at a very good school/university and things like these.

How many times a brilliant idea, creative or not, profitable or not, but very surprising and intriguing came into your mind?

To actually make something big, bigger than anything you have ever done before, something that will please you to actually make it?

I’m sure all of us felt that at one point in our life, and if not, you’ll find yourself in this situation soon. Because that’s life, with amazing and crazy ideas.

But sometimes, it’s not enough just to want them..

You know, in life, in real life, nothing will come to you if you don’t work for it, more specifically if you don’t make a minimal effort for it. Everything that you dream of , can happen if you actually work and do something for it NOW. Yes, I know from my own experience that it’s not as simple as it is to say it and to give advice, but right now, the one who wrote these words to you, can assure you that even tho' the start may be harsh, and the first weeks not so great because of so many reasons, but if you really want something, you’LL HAVE TO GO FOR IT. With the risk to fail, with the risk to make mistakes, YOU’LL HAVE TO GO FOR IT. Do you want to make something new? Something amazing, something that will change your life in a way or another? Then do it. Listen to your heart first, not the people around you who might say that your idea is insane, that you won’t succeed, or that "you’re not the one to do  this".

Who are they by the way? Who are they that you are so afraid of their opinion about your dream and the work you do for it? Who are they to give you hate and dumb feedbacks when they have done nothing in their life for their dreams to come true. Really, who are they? 

Let me tell you one thing, it’s been more than a year, almost two, since I started to write here and believe me when I’m telling you that it wasn’t and still isn’t always a pinky journey. There are days when you feel like you’re not so good at what you're doing, and when other people controlled by evilness, envy, jealousy and other negative thoughts and feelings, come to you and say some ‘beautiful’ words about your work, about you , you feel bad. It’s normal. But once you start to ignore the negativity that surrounds you and also, other’s opinion about you and your work, they’ll disappear even that it might be just for a while. They’ll try to come back, to shake your world, but you just have to keep ignoring them. At first, all these hate and negativity had affected me in a way or another, but after all, I learnt by time to ignore them, and actually, I arrived at a point in my life where I can't even hear or see them most of the time.

However… sometimes it happens to hear and see those little grinches, but once you’re doing what you love, you’ll have your people who won’t let you down. For example you, my readers. Everytime I feel like I’m not so good at what I am doing, that my words might not touch your mind and soul, I get so many beautiful feedbacks, that I can cry a river of happiness. Really. I don’t think there’s an equal feeling than the one you have when your work *that you absolutely love to do* is appreciated , and in my case, has helped a lot of people. It melts my heart.

So what other encouragement do you need more to make your dreams come true? To start the work now? What are you waiting for?

Maybe you’ll succeed, maybe you’ll not. You’ll make mistakes for sure, everyone does them. But if you don’t take the risk to fail, to go for it and to work hard and constantly , you’ll never know the pleasure to have something made on your own, with a major success that increases everyday.



what are you waiting for?

Much love,