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How are you? Whoa…it’s been a while since last time we met, a lot has happened too, so let me start with the beginning🤪


Firstly, I want to say a HUGE thank you for 13.000 views!!! Wow guys, reaaally amazinggg, thank you!

Secondly, last days I’ve made A NEW INSTAGRAM PAGE for this blog. You’ll find it as @traveleruniquevibes, of course if u are interested to take a look. Also, there I’ll be more productive and active than I am on its Facebook page , either ways, now just with a share from its Instagram page from Facebook, I’ll be very active both ways. On its ‘gram page I’ll post everything that’s in directly connection with the blog. Information, videos, giveaways, contests, projects and so on, because yes my loves, there will be a lot of surprises FOR YOU there. Right now I’m in a personal-business project with the blog, something creative for sure, so stay tuned. Also A BIG SURPRISE IT’S COMING right after the project is over, so again my dears, stay tuned!

This article is about HOW TO KEEP YOURSELF CREATIVE and IN SHAPE during quarantine with examples from my personal life.


So, the question that most of you had asked me: how do you keep yourself creative during quarantine?!

Well, thanks for askin’ love. At first I’ve done every basic thing you know, like watching movies, read, sleep, eat, play with my pets and things like that, but of course for a very active person like I am, these basic things were good enough just for  a while. Yes, I was working online and all of that, doing projects and so on, but again, it wasn’t enough. And the fact that I had a huge lack of sport for a while, my muscles started to hurt badly and also, I gained some weight in plus than my normal.

That’s the moment when I had started a list with the things I’ve never done, or done very rare. I started to do sport everyday and to take care of my skin and hair much more than before, and this way I arrived at the conclusion that this quarantine is very efficiently if you make some order in your life, and know how to use it in a creative way that benefits you. And I’m not just talking about the physical benefits but about the mental ones too. It’s very important to remain positive or at least not negative and pessimist right now. Hopefully this quarantine will be over soon but until then, as a lot of you asked me: “HOW TO REMAIN CREATIVE?”, here’s a list with what you can do:

~keep yourself in shape during quarantine~

Also, doing sport everyday or at least 3 days/week helped me a lot not just physically but mentally too. Losing the weight that was in plus, even more but just a little, working hard to get in shape , made me relax my nerves and love my body more… love me more. Here are three women who I follow on YouTube for their amazing workouts, also there you have a specification which includes what workouts I love from them:

And now, that we are at the final of this article don’t forget to stay positive, take care of your soul and body, make peace with your desires and clear your mind and heart. I had already moved on of a lot of things in this quarantine, cleared my mind and started taking care of myself more than I ever did. And one more thing, never think that you’re not good enough or something, don’t let the negative thoughts and the ignorance or evilness of other people control your feelings and mind. I’m telling you that because I don’t want anyone to feel what I felt at a point in my life , really. And if the past will knock to your door, think twice before opening or ignoring it. Even if we talk there about past people who wanted your bad/done something to you, past loves/friendships, and so on. You deserve happiness, and peace.

Did you know that reading really takes away your daily stress and problems? Try it now, you'll thank me later^^

Much love,