As i’ve already told you, this article is my surprise for you . In this article I expressed my thoughts and gave you some advice.

Stay safe and enjoy!

I have to admit that this situation, with Covid-19 is the last thing I needed in my life but in a way or another it’s teaching me right now one of the most important lessons. To be patient. I have to admit that my life changed to 180 degrees since three weeks or almost four. I know, I had written an article about patience but when life slaps you harder and more unique than other times... it’s just ...very hard to remain still. I’ve seen a lot of people struggling before the ‘Coronavirus time’ with different personal problems, and I was happy that at one point in my life, I was good. Really good. With everything. But as every fairytale must end and as the good times don’t last infinitely but just a while, exactly with one week before the Covid-19 had arrived officially in Romania , my life just turned upside down . It’s crazy how in a moment everything you thought you had under control, just fades or better said disappears. I’ve been through different hard times in my life, but never my life and my mental health had depended on patience so much like now.... Or actually maybe just once , but then I didn’t know that after pain always comes happiness. That after every rain, the rays of sunshine are back. That at the end of the tunnel there is light. Every time when I feel that I just can’t do it anymore, like to be positive, happy and to have patience I look back . Back when I was just a girl who thought that nothing will change, that nothing is going to be fine again.

And next, I put on hold every thought and just breathe.

You know, I think that if something it’s meant to be, it will be. Whatever it is. Even that is very hard to accept that, even that you know that some things , situations, problems need time, in the end everything will be fine. I think this period it’s a test, for all of us. A test of patience. We must have it and more important it’s a must to be positive in such an horrible pandemic. Like, let me tell you something. Besides the fact that Earth, the planet we had consumed along the history harder and harder , is finally breathing , we arrived at a point in our life where we didn’t know to appreciate a cup of coffee/tea or a drink/meal with our friends anymore. Also, we forgot to appreciate the fact that we are healthy, that we can go outside, meet with different people, do the sport you’re keen on and other activities. We forgot how important are the simple things and activities in our life. Everything that we thought it’s common and not so important , IT IS important. Because hanging out with friends, going to your workout classes, going for a walk, going to school and so on, those common activities , all together make our life . Those are the basics. And without them we are nothing but a chaos. We must be emphatic, lovely, spread more kindness than ever and let our pride down a little. Because right now, we must be people not just human beings if you understand me.

Go tell your loved ones that you care about them, be there for them, let them feel that you didn’t forget about their existence and be happy that you’re healthy. That you all are together. It’s a hard time , when besides our personal problems, now we have this virus too.

Stay home, call your grandparents/old relatives and tell them to stay home , safe, and just talk a little more than usual with them. You may find out new things, it may bright up your day just by talking to them. Be creative, this brake gives you the chance to take care of you firstly, find new hobbies like painting, drawing and so on. Read more, do fit exercises and watch your favourite movie/series , call your loved ones and talk hours about nothing or more. You know, simple things to do but with a major effect on your life.

And again, let’s be people, kind people with mercy and love.❤

Thank you for reading my articles, for your lovely feedbacks and for supporting me everytime!