A word which makes you think about us, the girls and the women of this world. The equal rights between us and men. The thing is we, women are something that this world wouldn’t had survived without. Because of us there are new generations, because we , equal to men , can do politics, science, have rights and be independent.

In this article I’ll talk about what’s the meaning of to be independent, to be feminine and to love the way you are. This article is especially for women, for my girls that are reading my articles, for my friends and for me.

This is my gift for you ladies, for 1th and 8th March.


Feminism had been something more and more important over the years. Women had woken up to reality and showed everyone that we aren’t good just for cooking, baking and doing home stuff. No, we ARE way MORE than that. A LOT of brilliant women had spoken along the history, actually made history such as Coco Chanel, Octavia Butler (award –winning feminist science fiction author), In the Netherlands, Wilhelmina Drucker fought successfully for the vote and equal rights for women, through organizations she founded, and so on.


To be independent

Something that all of us want but do we actually know the RIGHT meaning of it?

To be independent as a woman, doesn’t mean JUST to have your own money and to spoil yourself with whatever you want, whenever you want. To be independent, at its depth and roots, means to not be depending on a man, or anyone in your life. It means that even that you have no money , nor your own safe place, if you are disrespected and your rights aren’t respected by the one next to you, you just take your things and leave, even that you can’t leave with your head up, even that you hardly find it okay to live like that, even that you’re barely moving crawling, you still go .For you.

That’s the first meaning of to be independent as a woman, to not depend emotionally on others. Especially on men, on the one you love. That’s it. And just after, you can say that the second meaning of to be independent is financially.

"To be feminine"

What men and boys generally didn’t get by “to be feminine”?

To be feminine doesn’t mean that us, women and girls have to act like princess all the time, if our nails broke or something like that, to make it outrageous. We can still be feminine and practice hard and contact sports, we can fight, we can be harsh and complicated and still be feminine. How? It’s simple. Every touch of sweetness, every unpredictable look, every desire that we have and every talent that we have define us as women and girls. Everything that you’re good at defines your personality too, bad or good, it does.

We can carry so many things on our shoulders, so many problems and thoughts, sometimes others too and still going on. And still be ok. Even that we are hurt, even that we feel like we can’t breathe anymore, we still continue our path. Even that it kills us, we cry and have moments of crisis, but we continue our life, bad or good. We put so much love in everything we do, some of us without knowing that at that moment, but we put love, affection, interest and attention in the people and things we have and want in our life. That defines us, generally in definition, as women and girls. The implication we have for some things and some people in our life.

Love the way you are

Love the way you are my dear, because you are unique in this world, you are beautiful, smart and strong. Even that you don’t feel at that moment like that, even that you have other aspirations for your body, for the way you look, woman/girl, who’s reading this right now, love the way you are! Firstly you have to love yourself. Do not wait for others to do it first. Not a boy. Not a man. Not anyone else. YOU are the first person in your life that MUST love you. Who must love the way you are, the way you look. You must accept your issues, your low moments and your bad sides in order to be loved and accepted by others. Your attitude will make the rest of the people learn how to speak and act with you. Your self confidence should be as high as The Alps. No joke. You should trust you, your instincts and believe more in you. You’re a muse. So be the best version of you. For you. Be the woman/ the girls that doesn’t freak out if someone doesn’t like her, if someone want to bully her or anything. Be the one who is independent, who is exactly like she wants and say exactly what she feels without fear, who is brave. Who doesn’t care what people will think and say about her after she does what she wants and likes.

And, be you.For you!

~And with that being said, happy 1st and 8th March my girls!!!~

I hope this article inspired and relaxed you while you were reading it. Those are my thoughts, the way I think. That’s my opinion about feminism, and I hope no one got offended while reading❤ Until next time my loves.

Much love