Year: 2020

Hello my beautiful readers and welcome back to my website!!!

Happy New Year by the way! May 2020 bring happiness, joy, love and a lot of good days in your life!

With that being said, enjoy the article!

This article is inspired by what I’ve felt recently, and also, is based as usual on good vibes. I want to let you know that, there still can happen’ miracles. Even that you feel that nothing is going to change the situation that you are locked in, and even that you feel that nothing will make you have a willingness to escape from your “dark zone” of your mindset or life, if I can call it like that , everything can change just in a few seconds. Really. And to believe me, I’ll give you some examples from my personal life.

The most recently one is that : my laptop broke down and because I had been busy with school and trainings recently , I forgot at the right time to save the biggest project that I’m currently working on, besides this blog, on my email or to save it on a stick or anywhere else. And the thing is that before shutting down, the desktop was all black and I could do nothing about that and also, it haven’t worked even when I had done the basic things to recover it. And it was all there, my project, the copies of my articles and so many another important things. On my laptop. And as my friend who is currently working in IT domain, had told me when I called him, there were 99,9% odds to lose everything I’ve worked so far because my laptop was in the worst situation ever, and I have to say that I had a panic attack and started to wonder what can I do next and also, I had a low moment. Because really, there were hours and hours, and days, weeks, months worked at this project and I just felt like the entire world was falling apart. In the evening, my friend came over to take a look on my laptop and for our surprise, guess what? It opened like nothing happened, and I could move everything I had on my laptop somewhere else. Safe.


Of course, after I had my laptop repaired I moved back everything, and now I learnt two things from this experience: first - miracles can happen- and second- have at least 2 backups for your projects and work things because you never know what will happen' next-.



The next one is that on 2nd January I could swore that I was at that moment, the loneliest girl alive and on 5th January the miracle happened. And I was sure like 99, 9% that nothing will change, but guess what? It did. No need for more words🤭

You know, our life is nothing but a journey. With ups and downs. I don’t know if I had written it before but: as our pulse is on the monitor with ups and downs, as life is. From everything that I had experienced until now, I have to say that I had learnt a lot and that nothing happens for no reason. Everything, and when I say everything, I mean every person, every situation and problems we deal with and everything in the whole meaning of it, happens for a reason. Sometimes is to teach us, sometimes is to punish us and sometimes is to reward us.

You just have to be patient, even that you feel like you had enough of waiting and you can stand anymore, go for it a little bit longer. You won’t regret. And I’m referring at every point in your life. Just have patience. Big things take time. They don’t happen overnight.

And one more thing, when you’re in a bad mood, just talk kindly to yourself, because even that you don’t know at that moment , your mood can get worse just by how you talk with yourself. So encourage you at your worst, talk kindly to you, and be your biggest fan of you. Accept yourself the way you are and know that when you think you can’t go further, that you can’t move on anymore, you can. You will always can.❤

Don’t lose hope, anything is possible and nothing is impossible.

Much love,