The truth

As long as you already know , the truth is very rare in our days. Why? Because of so many reasons, but what can I tell you as a piece of advice, from my experience is that, to tell it before it tells itself.

You can hurt somebody you really care of , no matter what is that person to you, a parent, a pan friend, friend, your loved one and so on.

You know, by not telling the truth at its time, you can lose a person too, and when you’ll realise that, you’ll be suffering without a medicine to get better because that person can be gone by then.

I know how is to be hurt because of the truth. You know, we make expectations , so many expectations from life, from people, from what they are telling us and when the truth comes up and slap you in the face, like man that’s the reality, that’s what it is and nothing you expected to happen never happened, hurt you so damn much.

I’ve seen people, recently, being shocked and paralysed because of the truth, because they were lied and suddenly, unexpected, they found out the pure truth. And I understand them, because I’ve been there. Not once.

You know, when you were fed up with lies, one more beautiful than another, you make expectations without even knowing in the first place. We hope, and when the truth comes up, you feel like something, in your chest breaks. You feel like the world stops and that’s when you are in shock, devastated and don’t know what to think. Because of the many many lies that are told everyday by no one but us, we arrived at a point in our life where we don’t know how to communicate anymore. We forget everything about what means good manners, respect and so on.

As the ancients once said, truth can be a weapon and a shield, in the same time.

For example, once you know the truth about someone, and know that it can destroy it’s life, reputation, anything that this person might have, you have to choose between keeping it for yourself and leave that person alone or to destroy him/her.

Also, you can defend from a lie or a false accusation with the pure truth. So here are two examples of situations where truth can be a weapon and a shield. Something that you can use to cause pain, sadness or a safe place.

I agree with you, not always the truth makes us laugh and be happy as a lie can do. But it’s better than a lie anyway because if you don’t spell it, once it’s out, you’ll hurt that person more than you can ever thought. Trust me, or not, once you’ll experience both of the sides of the truth, you’ll understand completely what I’m writing here; if you don’t understand now, in this moment, while you’re reading.

Have you ever felt like you are alone? Have you ever been betrayed? Have you ever found out something that just paralysed you in the first place and you were so shocked that nothing that would be happening around you, you wouldn’t notice for some moments? Have you ever felt that pain in your chest when you found out something , after you were lied?

And, have you ever felt like nobody can understand your pain because they just don’t know how is to be in your skin in those moments of your life and the only one that can save you is you? But in the same time, you would love to be hugged by someone and be told that everything is gonna be fine, and nothing matters but just to get back on the road and continue your life like a survivor?

Yeah, I think everyone had at least a moment like that in their life.

But, you’re not alone. Remember that. And trust me, once you’ll learn to respect the truth, to make the difference when you should tell it until it’s not too late and until you don’t hurt worse some people or when you just should keep it for yourself , you’re life will be brighter. Without the amount of pain that lies can bring in our life in plus. Remember that, pain is pain. Truth is truth. And a lie it’s not an excuse or a mistake. It’s a will.


I felt right to write that down, and I really hope that you like this article because once again, as I’ve said in other articles, there’s my heart and my soul communicating.❤

Much love,