~Fall Q&A~

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I really hope that this article will help you and also I hope that you’ll enjoy it. I chose the most interesting & unique questions that I’ve received from you. I have to admit that some questions really surprised me because I never thought about them, but I’ll give my best to answer to all of them and also in the best way to help you too.

*How to organise your time better?

To organise your time better you need just a pen and an agenda.

Yes, it can be that simple!

Write the date and after start to write your “to do” things for your next 24 hours. Start with the most important things that you must do. When you have finished, think about the time you can spend on each activity and note it too , this way, you’ll have done by the end of the day more than half of your activities. Once you finished with the writing part, don’t waste any minute and get started.It doesn’t matter if you start with the most important thing or with the less important one, just get started.

Take an easy task in the first place, and after continue to get done your “to do” things in the order you wrote them. At first, it won’t be very simple. Like to maintain your lifestyle like this, to be always organised and in time. But after one week or two, you’ll see that the good results can be already seen. How do you think that I can survive to my full schedule almost every time? I’m saying almost because I’m not perfect . I’m only a human. With bad days and good ones. There were days when I’ve done just three tasks from ten, but I did something. And the next day I recuperated. The thing is to never give up, because you might be at a point in your life where you need some organization in your lifestyle, just to not lose yourself in the million things you have to do. It’s not impossible.

I’m doing that for months, now I’m at a point in my life where I don’t have to write everyday all the things I have to do for the next 24 hours because I’m already used to it, I’m used to my full schedule and I make in my head this list. But don’t get me wrong, when I feel that there are too much things to do, I write them down. For example in the weekends I have a lot of things to do, besides homework I have a lot of projects with this blog, affiliate programmes and so on, so I write everything down, and I get started.

And to end my piece of advice in a positive way, don’t forget about what you need the most. You need time for yourself too. It’s okay if you didn’t finish every task you had made for that day, the thing is to finish how much you can and also to have time for you too. When you had finished everything for that day, watch a film, talk with some friends, hang out, do something that relax you.❤

*How to be positive everyday?

 Start your day with remembering 3 things that you are grateful for. Then put your favourite song to play while you’re doing your morning routine. Give a lot of hugs to your loved ones and say to yourself that : “Today is a new day, today is my day, today I’m going to be happy and survive to anything that can appear in my way to succeed. I can do it, and I’ll do it.” As childish as it may sound, is a way to be positive everyday. And also, if you have a bad day, say to yourself that you can do it, and that you’ll do it. That no matter what may come next, you’ll get through it and you’ll be fine. 

Because you will. You’re stronger than you think.

*How to relax when we are overwhelmed and stressed?

 Take a break. Put anything that you need to do on hold. Have some minutes, hours just for you. Go for a walk, read, paint, go for a run, do something that relax you and in that way you’ll put your thoughts in order or you’ll find the answer to your problems. For example, when I’m very stressed I start to do sport and to listen to music. It’s my way to relax in those moments of my life, and also to clear my mind. But , if you have the chance to travel somewhere, go. It’s one of the best ways to relax, to find your answers and to clear your mind too. An example from my personal life : Maramures vacation. It was a blessing. I needed it so much that you can’t even imagine. So I’m saying again, if you have the chance to travel, go.❤ You’ll thank me later;)

*How can we accept our fears and get over them?

Unfortunately there is no recipe for that, but like Osho once said, you have to accept your fears as they are. It’s normal to be afraid of something. But what you have to do until you’re not afraid anymore, is to view your fears. To understand them. Most of our fears came from experiences that hurt us less or more .The thing is that you have to learn from those experiences, and at one point in your life you have to let the fears go just by doing the thing you’re most afraid of. That’s how you’ll get over some of them. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to explain that better, how to get over your fears, but if you really want some advice, then you should really read some of Osho’s books. Trust me, they are very interesting and helpful to understand some things. You won’t regret that you bought them.

* A piece of advice about feeling the connection of love with a person.

Well, the original question was “ how to get a girlfriend/boyfriend asap”, but I would like to give a piece of advice there because not just one person had asked me that. There were more than 5 people who had asked me that ( 4 done that in private and that’s why I couldn’t share the questions at my stories on Instagram ).

Don’t look for a girlfriend/boyfriend. Why? Because if you look after them you won’t find a suitable person that will make you feel and let you know what is love. And also, you won’t find that way someone who deserves you.

Don’t look. Just feel. Communicate with everybody. Be happy, and pay attention to the vibes that some people can give you. Feel them. Feel the way they talk to you, feel the way they look at you and the most important thing feel the way they make you feel. It sounds like a metaphor, maybe for some it is, but it also is the reality.

That’s how it should be in my opinion, when someone makes you so happy, when you feel that there is that connection or when you just know that your day is going to be great just because you had looked in each others eyes and talked and things like that...that is love. When you are so happy, so thrilled just staying next to that person and when you feel that he/she is like that too, when you see the little insignificant gestures of them that shows how excited he/she is to be there with you and also that little sparkle in their eyes….. your heart just melts, and again, that is love.

In our days, people are so afraid of love that we start to want someone perfect, who won’t hurt us, and so we start looking for that person; but the thing we don’t understand is that no one is perfect. And that’s not love.

Love should be unexpected. This person , in my opinion, should appear in your life when you didn’t aspect it at all. And also this person should make you feel inexplicable. So, don’t search, don’t look for someone. Just feel.


* How to be more productive?

To be more productive you have to clear your mind firstly and after to set some goals that you want to achieve in time. Like in 2 weeks or I don’t know, one month. The “ to do” list is very useful too , because you become organised and also you set some little goals that you want to achieve and actually work for them. That’s a very good way to become more productive too, not just organised. Another way could be also to write in your agenda 5 things that you want to accomplish in 3 months, and after work hard for them. But those 5 things must be big and important because you have 3 months to do them, and that’s actually a lot of time. :)

Until next time,