Buenos dias beautiful souls!!!

Firstly I really want to thank you from all my heart and soul for reading my articles and making time to take a look on them, and to text me/tell me that you really love them! It’s a huge realization for me that we are a community of more than 5k (5000) people here! I’ve always dreamt of making something memorable, that will help me and also that will help other people, even if we are talking here about making someone’s day with a piece of advice or simply with saying my thoughts/truth about something. As summer came to an end, I’ve took in consideration what would you like to read on my blog, in this article, and the majority of you wants to know how’s at high school and so on.

So, the theme of this article is that : High school & me . I really hope you’ll like it and find it very helpful and interesting . I’ll be extremely open about everything, and I’ll tell you in details what you want to know.

With that being said, let’s begin!

How's at high school?

It’s very good actually. I’ve expected to be harder in a way or another but it’s very good. I’m not saying that at some points it is not hard because it is, but there’s nothing I can not handle:) The first week was a little bit harsh because everything is new, and it’s a big difference between the school I was at first and the actual one:). But I repeat, it was nothing I couldn’t face or handle. Really. Also, some of you had asked me about my colleagues , if they are friendly and things like that. Yes, they are:) Everyone is friendly &nice.

And in case some of you don’t know, I’m at National Collage “Moise Nicoara” Arad. Moise, like we, the students are used to call the collage shortly, it’s the most prestigious high school in Arad, and also it’s in top 10 in my country. It is not like some people are saying, that is like a prison, that you won’t have a social life if you go to study there because you’ll have too much homework and to learn and things like that. Yes, you’ll have some homework and to learn, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to stay all day in your room and study or that you’ll have not a social life. You’ll have. You’ll have time for you too. The thing you have to do (and here some people are right because that’s a fact), you have to put school first. Like, if you entered at this high school , you have to learn, and give all the interest for school. But that’s all. You’ll have time to do the sport you’re keen on, you’ll have time to watch a film or go out with some friends . You’ll have time to breathe and you’ll have enough time to sleep:)) I heard some people that you’ll not have enough time to sleep too if you go to study there. Bullshits. You have:)) Okay, now it depends on you too, if you go to sleep at 4 am , no one is responsible for you’re lack of sleep but you. Look at me , I’m going to bed at maximum 23:00 and the next day I’m fresh. Like, despite others, I have to get up at 6 o’clock and by 7 o’clock I have to go to school because I’m not living in town, so if I can get enough sleep , you and others can too. The teachers are very serious about their lessons but also they are friendly and always keen on making you understand what they teach you.

How can I manage my time?

Well, I have an agenda where everyday I’m writing what I have to do that day. And of course I’m trying to do every single task I have until the end of the day. I usually don’t spend more than one hour- one hour and a half to relax because I have other things to do, like learning, reading, do stuff for school and of course sport & writing on this blog. I have a very active life, and I don’t have time to get bored and things like that and in a way or another it’s better like that, because obviously everything I do helps me, improve my skills and my knowledge.

And of course I can say that way I’m closer to achieve my goals .

How have I chose my profile for high school?

A bunch of people had asked me that. I understand that some of you want a specific profile even that you actually don’t know anything about this profile but it sounds good, and you have big grades and of course you’re saying why not , and here you are, choosing the wrong profile. I’m saying wrong because you have to choose a profile that represents you, that is good for your skills and that helps you improve . You have to like almost every subject you’ll study at your profile. I’m talking about the subjects that are specifically for your profile, not those that are going to disappear after two years of standard learning . You have to get to know what you want, you have to get to know what are you good at, and most important you have to make some goals for your life, like what would you like to become when you’re gonna be an adult, just because to not wake up one day and say “ Oh God, I’m going back to work today, aren’t I?”. Just think about it, you chose the perfect profile for you, that represents you and of course you became someone who loves what he’s doing. Who inspire everyone else and thinks “ Man, I’m so proud of me because I became who I always wanted to be, and of course I’m proud that now I chose a job that I really love waking up in the morning for it”

That’s something everyone should keep in mind. That’s something you need to know before you choose your profile for high school. Of course, after if you don’t like it you can transfer in another class , at another profile, but then you have to get through another accommodation and it’s not that funny.

So in my case, I get to know my skills, what I want from this life and also I know what I like and what I really don’t like. I like to know a lot of things, to be always informed. I love to study culture and also history and literature. So I chose the philology profile. You know, a person who knows more than one foreign language , who knows something more about his/her culture, is a rich person. Rich in information. And today, to be informed is something that becomes unfortunately more rare that we could even imagine.

So yeah, get to know yourself before you’re choosing the profile you’re going to study at high school. :)

Some advice for those who are in 8th grade

Learn. And get ready for your exams.:))

Okay now really, you must learn this year because you have some exams at the final of it, but also don’t stress to much. Don’t stress out because you really don’t have to. I stressed too much too when I was in 8th grade, and for nothing. I had some problems after with my health because of the level of the stress that was on me and just me, God and my family know how I have recovered. Stress is not good. So try to be calm , and do a lot of sport too. That’s what I’ve done to recover and also to keep me on the line and prepared mentally for the exams.

How I make everything look/be so simple, even school and writing for so many people here, on the blog

It’s simple. I had learnt to not stress so much, I have an agenda where I’m writing everything I have to do that day and also I know what I want and work for it. In our days you are the only one who can assure you’re future by your everyday schedule and routine.

So, that’s all for this article. I hope you found it helpful and interesting!

Much love,