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After two weeks, I had finally posted and I also want to let you know that the next article will come sooner than did this. As the title of this article says, today I’m going to share with you how was the ‘Cretan night’, what and how things have happened and so on. I really hope you’ll like this article as much as you have liked the rest of my articles so far! So with no more words in plus, let’s begin!



How did this trip begin?

Well, it was around eight o’clock in the evening when we were ready and the coach had taken us from our hotel. We made around one hour on the way. When we arrived at the main location , we were welcomed by a lady, who after we had the surprise to notice that she was a part of the show.

What did exactly happen' there?

Well, after we were welcomed by this lady she showed us the way to a big terrace, where we could taste some of the well known Cretan appetizers, but before, when we were ready to entered in this area, we were welcomed also by two people dressed in traditional clothes, who were actually part of the show too and made a photo with them. Also some waiters came and gave us some shots of brandy, originally from there.:) The area was full of tables and chairs , and of course of people waiting for the show. Meanwhile some of them were tasting the delicious Cretan appetizers .

Soon after we were welcomed to another area where the show was ready to begin. The room was very but very big , full of tables and chairs. Me and my family have chosen a table from where we were next to the stage.

The show was based on the legendary myths about the Gods. It was very beautiful, interesting and funny in the same time. When the staff had to change for another legend to play, the stage was changing, and from “nowhere” appeared a cast who were playing Cretan old music, sometimes you could say that it sounded like Cretan Jazz .

And because it was Cretan night, what traditional night doesn’t have traditional food right? I have to be very honest with you, some foods didn’t look delicious but I swear, when I had tasted them, they were so so good. I didn’t expect that of course. At a point , I was so full that I couldn’t eat anything in plus. Cretan food is officially one of my favourite traditional food of all the time.

When everybody got to taste and had eaten the delicious meals, the cast took us to dance. It was so so much fun, and really, I had a very cool night. I got to know a lot of new people, and also made photos with them. Even that some were part of the staff, cast or tourists like us.

When we were about to leave there were some souvenirs, which contains actually were our photos. A professional photographer had taken us some photos and transformed them on paper so we could take them home, but of course just if we would pay for them. One photo costed 5 euros. *just one*. Unfortunately . But we took two photos, because after all those are the souvenirs and yeah, that’s the life:) (even that with 5 euros I could buy a big big ice cream , with five cups from Agios Nikolaos’s center, but I’m just saying you know?:))

However I had a delightful time, I felt so relaxed , happy and I enjoyed my time here at maximum. It was perfect:) So if you you’ll visit Crete in the future, you really should have a Cretan night. Why? Because it’s something unique, something interesting and also you’ll have a wonderful time there.

Much love and keep smiling guys, life’s good!