Hello everyone!

How are you?

Well, in this article I’ll share with you how was my accommodation in Crete, what I liked and what I have may not liked, how was the food and so on. I traveled with my family, so this vacay was very funny because I had my favourite people with me^_^

So , let’s begin! ^_^

Firstly, I’ll talk about how was the flight. We flew with Blue Air . As always the flight was very relaxing, without any turbulences. I have to admit that it was the most relaxing flight I had ever taken so far and of course the staff was very friendly.

It took us around 2 hours , more exactly 1 h 50m until we have landed.

From the airport, we took our agency’s coach and made a quick island tour. After we had arrived at the hotel , we discussed with the guide the trips we wanted to attend to, while we were there. We stayed at Ariadne Beach Hotel .

The accommodation was good enough. I loved that the hotel had a private beach , and besides that, it had also a big pool,so if the sea was very troubled you could swim in the pool and stay without any worries:)

Our room was cleaned everyday, everything was ok. The room service was very friendly and efficiently. I have to admit that I already miss the view from the balcony:)) it was so so beautiful and calming to watch the mountains and the sea in the morning , and also I miss to listen the waves of sea in the morning/evening too.

The weather was very good , I haven’t seen a cloud in the sky during my vacay, not even one. The temperature was always between 29-31 degrees C,so yeah, it wasn’t so hot that you couldn’t stay in the middle of the day on the beach, and also the breeze could trick you because if you were laying in the sun around 2 and 3 pm and fall asleep, you might had burned without even feeling this until you arrived in your hotel room and looked in the mirror:)). The sea was very clean and also the sand. The water was just magically, and I made a habit of spending some time everyday making snorkelling. (of course when I was not travelling on the island:))

The hotel had also banana trees, and it happens that where they were , the stairs from one terrace of the hotel , were in the middle of them, so of course I didn’t lose the chance and made some photos there .:) Also, I had never seen until then banana trees and I had always wondered how they look like in real life. :))

We had everyday breakfast and dinner at the hotel . Outside of it, were a lot of restaurants, terraces and so on where you could have lunch and other extra meals. There were a lot of shops, some high brands also had their shops there and I didn’t lose the chance to take a look.:) The prices varies from one shop to another. One might have very low prices and other very high. It depends, and what I can tell you too, is that they have a lot of cute, gorgeous and beautiful souvenirs. One more unique than another. The people there are very but very friendly and loveable. Some of them approached me and gave me a flower or things like that. It was funny and beautiful to see that there weren’t people to look at you with envy or things like that. Here you could be you, even that you might be shy or something, here no one judged you for the way you looked. Or dressed, better said. I don’t know, maybe it was my luck , maybe that’s how it is, but for me Cretan people are an example  people . No matter what, they had a smile on their face and talked to you beautiful, tried to make a conversation with you to know how do you feel about Crete, what do you think so far about it. Yes, maybe it’s a way of work for them, to make people come back or something, but it doesn’t matter. It matters the fact that they know how to be with a tourist, how to socialize and how to make people feel good. There people were happy , they made jokes with you and made you feel very happy too. I came home relaxed, not that much physically because I basically went to bed after midnight and woke up a few hour later to have breakfast and to go to the beach or in a trip on the island, but mentally. My thoughts, my worries, my negative thoughts just evaporated while I was there. I couldn’t wait to share with you how much I love Crete, and how much good it did to me. Yes, there were parts that I didn’t liked like the servants when we took dinner at the hotel, they always came to our table to ask us if we want something to drink with a weird face like they were pissed off because we said no to them other days. But man, who doesn’t give a glass of water at dinner for free? Like really now, we stayed at a 4.3 stars hotel, so of course it wasn’t okay, but as I have said, that were little parts of my journey here. Little insignificant parts. I had enjoyed the beauty of the place, the warm weather, the good things and every special thing about Crete. I had learnt a lot about it too, from the trips we had made on the island, but I’ll share with you what I had learnt about Crete in the next articles.

And here comes to an end this article.

I hope you like it as much as I hope you do or more why not:)) More interesting articles and beautiful ones coming soon.

Heads up guys and smile, life’s beautiful!❤

Much love,