A word that means more than it looks.

A word that scares some of us so freaking bad.

A word that can control our life.

A word which is based on an action that people do.


Some of us are so scared of judgements, that those people won’t make a step forward to make their dreams happen. Why? Because once you have been judged so many times, your self-trust starts to be smaller and smaller by every day passed. When you don’t know your value, when you don’t trust yourself more than other people's opinion, it happens that others can control your life and also your thoughts.



Let me tell you one thingand and an example from my personal life:

I have to admit that I was judged too. So many times, even that it wasn’t my fault. Even that I did nothing wrong. But let me tell you something: when people see you succeed, they get jealous, because they know they can’t compare to you, to your work, and finally to your skills and success. I’ve been judged by some people with this blog too:)) Why? Because it happens that sometimes the volume of my work is so big that I accidently haven’t seen that a word is wrong from 2000. And by wrong, I mean that grammatically it ends in “s” or not.

And now, let me explain the process of making a very good article, just to let you know how blogger's and writer's life is;)

The writing part takes me from 1-2 hours if the article is about 1000 words, or from 3 to 4 hours if the article is about 2000 words.The following task I complete is to edit the writing part. Usually I spend for this 30 minutes because I don’t use any app for grammatically and vocabulary help.

After I search in my gallery of my computer &mobile phone imagines, videos, quotes that represent the article. If it’s a travelling one, I have to do videos that show you the places I have been visiting & travelling to, and also, for a video to expand and to edit it, it usually takes me one hour too.

I put it all on page, and make the design. And now the funny and the hardest part is that: I’m working in Word, so I have to transfer my work on the public eye. And after, I have to get organised in every detail. For that, I spend 2 hours. The transfer may "eat" a final letter or a sign, so don't freak out if you see it. Stay calm, I know what I'm doing.

So, when I get to finally breathe, because I have finished everything, I’m exhausted. After spending more than 3 hours in front of my computer, my eyes burn, and all I want to do next is to relax.

Anyways, besides that I’m very tired & that I barely keep my eyes open, I’m sharing the news that the article is out on every social media. Why? Because I love my readers with all of my soul and heart, for being thrilled for a new article and also for making time to actually read it. Every view means a lot to me.

You know, if I did not have this passion for writing, if I did not have this love for everything I’m doing here, right now, this blog wouldn't exist anymore.

So, if you see a little, insignificant mistake or something like that, remember all the process that has been made for just one article.  And besides that, I have a private life too, and sometimes my schendule is so full that I barely find some time to eat. 

Also, let's not forget to mention that it takes years of continuous practice to perfect yourself. So please, hold your judgement for yourself when you see someone who's constantly working to perfect their work. 

So yeah, what I want to say is that: don’t judge anyone before you get to know the process behind their actions, work and so on. And also, don’t judge people before you get to know them. Everyone has a story, one worse than another, but don’t make yourself the victim here. Don’t let others bring you down, to control your life, your feelings and your thoughts, because they have no right.

Know your value, know you’re good enough to make your dreams happen and also, don’t let others change your dreams and priorities.

Look at me for example. I had ignored every person that wanted me to have bad luck. Doesn’t matter right now with what, but especially with this blog. There were people who had envied me and wanted me to fail. But I didn’t. Because I trust myself more than other people’s opinions, I trust myself more than I trust people, and the most important thing is that I know my value and also, the value of my work.


This is to those who love and like to judge a lot:

Stop it. Stop judging people when you didn’t make anything in this life. You’re not better with anything. And the most important thing, stop it because you’ll get nowhere. Stop judging others, other people’s work, and start working for yourself and for your future. It will help you, and it will not drag you down in front of others.

And now this is for those who are in need for some encouragement: Heads up guys and never let anyone destroy your dreams. Have the power to make a step forward, even that this step is so little, do it. Why? Because is a step forward, and after you started to move, you’ll see, day by day, it will get better. Nothing is permanent. Everything is temporary. Pain, love, happiness, sadness but is your choice how you want to live this life.

Do you want to live this life as a person who didn’t achieved its goals and dreams, or a person who is who he/she wanted and dreamed to be?

It’s just your own choice.

Know your value, know your power and also, have self-respect to leave the people who are dragging you down behind. And self-trust. Don’t forget it . You can do everything you want and everything you have dreamed about, if you start working now, and if you stop listening to others, because people will always find something to complain about. And even tho they find nothing, they’ll create it, even that it isn’t true.

So yeah, heads up and move on.

Like I have said once, when I have started this blog, I want to be the difference that I want to see in this world, and I want people to do the same thing. In a world full of lies, full of false hope, false people and friends, to be kind is something unique and pure. You have to be very brave to be like this, because people will find a way to hurt you anytime, but you have to know your limits too. Be brave to be kind, but don’t let others ruin you and drag you down.


These are my thoughts, the way I think and also, I felt like it was the moment to write that down, to make my word known.

So, I hope you like this article and I hope it helped you in a way or another. The next one will be about my prom night, and after I’ll take a pause for one or two weeks because the exams are here and I want to focus on them.


Much love,