Oh yes, who is in need of a vacation? Because I am in need of one everyday:)

Unfortunately, I can't have a vacay every time I want, but when I plan one for a long time, the time I had waited will be so worth it!

Usually in the summer I'm travelling very much, in my country and also outside of it. I have a very long list with "must visit" places from all around the world, so stay tuned!

I'll give a lot of reviews of the places I'm going to travel to, about the food that I had eaten there, and so on. I'll make videos and photos which will show you the places and everything I had experienced. Next summer, I have in my mind to try new water sports and a lot of crazy things, so stay tuned because this is going to be amazing!

Sincerely, I can't wait for my next vacation already!



Keep shining ,