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I don’t know about you, but I've missed you a lot. I've missed writing so much and everything that is about this blog. Even that I’m just one week late to upload this article, it’s been a very hard time for me because of so many projects I had to do for school and also to learn but I have to admit that it was very hard to focus on that due to my desire for finishing this article. :))

Anyways, now I’m back and I can’t wait to share with you my experiences and everything about my first vacation of the year!!!

One more thing, thank you guys for the support that you give me everyday with the blog, thank you for your sweet comments and reviews, and also, thank you for the time you take to read my articles!!!❤


So, the first question that a lot of people had asked me about this vacay was what way of travelling I chose.

Well, I travelled by car. I had expected to be not so comfy or to be very boring and all of that, because my favourite way to travel is by plane, but unfortunately not everywhere you go you can travel by plane. However, travelling by car 6 hours in total, wasn’t so bad because we had stopped in some cities, made photos and also before we had arrived at the hotel, where we were to be accommodated, we had visited the Merry Cemetery from Săpânța. (“Cimitirul Vesel “).



Merry Cemetery. A place that take your words when you finally arrive to see it live!

So, as I've said already, before arriving at the hotel, we had visited this interesting place. Sincerely, I think that you can’t imagine the feeling that this place gives you once you’re there. I had read a lot of things about this place before, I had seen photos which were taken by other people, but nothing can compare with what I have personally seen . It’s really beautiful. Yes, a cemetery can be actually beautiful, funny and also very interesting. Why? Because the people from those places, who were buried there, had their crosses printed with funny quotes or short funny summaries of their life. Actually their crosses make this cemetery so funny, but the beauty of this place comes from the peace you find there and also, how well everything looks. Like really, if there wasn’t a religious service in the process in church, you could forget even for one second that you’re in a cemetery.

How was the accommodation?

I have to be honest it was very but very good and much better than I had expected. When we had arrived at the hotel, the staff was waiting for us to show our rooms and also to make a quick tour of the hotel. When I finally get to arrive in my room, I had the surprise to find some gifts as a “Welcome” and also a greeting card. The room was big, with a lot of light, and also the view was breathless.

The fact that I had a single balcony not at common with other rooms, was one of the best facilities for me, because I love to wake up in the morning, to go out on my balcony and to enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains and the fresh air.❤



The hotel had a spa, so you can imagine that in the weekend we spent a lot of time there because we couldn’t go out and visit a lot of places due to the rain. Although we were lucky that we had a sunny day, on Saturday, so we could go with “Mocănița”.

The food was delicious and in big proportions. So, if you’re going to Maramureș, be on a diet before so you won’t put too much weight after. ;)




Mocănița is a traditional train in my country. One of the best known locations where you can find these kind of trains is obviously Maraureș. So, for this vacation I chose to go on a trip with Mocănița of 6 hours. Imagine, six hours without any internet, wi-fi and without any signal. You couldn’t even make a call or give a message if you wanted to. Why? Because you were in the middle of the forest, between the mountains, in deep valleys and all of that. The scenery was amazing. Really magically. I don’t have enough words to describe the beauty of it. This place gives you the peace you need, gives you so much fresh air, fresh thoughts and fresh feelings. Really, I have never been so in love with my country since then. I was breathless when the mountains had showed up in front of us, and “Mocănița” wasn’t stopping there. We arrived in the middle of the mountains where we had a big break for lunch. There were a lot of tables and benches along a river and also, a lot of stands from where you could buy fresh meals and drinks.

On our way back to the hotel we were so tired that when we had arrived at the hotel, we went straight to bed for some good hours. In the evening it was spa time of course, and at the end of the day we had dinner in the restaurant of the hotel.

That was it for the sunny day. :)

Easter’s day

Unfortunately, it was pouring rain when was the Easter’s day. However, the staff took care of that and made a traditional lunch right after we had a traditional spectacle too, which was very beautiful.

After we had lunch, we spent some time in the spa resort and after we got ready for the party that was hosted by our hotel in the wedding hall of the hotel complex. The first part of the party was with traditional music and all of that, but after came a DJ who is actually well known in those places.

In conclusion, I had a lot of fun, felt really but really good and I have to admit that I already miss this vacation. 


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So that’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed my article, and why not if you have any questions or opinions, anything to say contact me by my email, or as simply as it is just leave it in a comment.

And I have to say one more thing:

Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go.

You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be.

And be kind, you don’t know how much light can bring kindness into your life. And repeat everyday that  you are going to be okay and  that you'll achieve all your goals.

Because you can do it! Heads up beautiful souls!


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