Hi guys, how are you?

So, this article is not the last article but the pre-one before I’ll go in my first vacay of this year with my family. Sincerely, I can’t wait to escape of my town, to travel again, to see and visit new places. Travelling makes me forget everything that holds me back, makes me relax and enjoy every moment of my life.

This article is based also on what you wanted to read, like what you told me you would like to read in this article, on Instagram and Facebook. It’s going to be very interesting, because what you told me in the comments, you never did it before and also, all the ideas are very cute.

So, let’s begin!

My favourite comment was that: How can you be so happy and so positive when it’s clearly you have been through a lot?

Man, it’s so good. Well as the quote of this blog says “Happiness is a choice”, no matter the circumstances. I’m not saying that sometimes I’m not having my self-insecures or that I don’t remember some old days when I was more or less happy and all of that. All of us had been through something until now, all of us have been betrayed by someone we once loved. No matter you loved that person as your best friend or more.

Sometimes you just have to refresh your mind and set in it the fact that people change and are changed. And unfortunately, you can’t do anything to bring back the people they once were. You can’t and in a way or another it’s better. Why? Because just this that way you learn your value. Like man, after you have been so broke, so hurt by some people that you once could make anything for them, for the people you haven’t thought one second that could do that to you. It’s hard, I must say that it’s so freaking hard to accept that. To heal is not also so difficult than it is to take them off your mind. But in the end, you will.

Even that I can’t tell you exactly when, because I’m struggling right now with this thing too, more exactly with taking them off my mind, I just can assure you that travelling will help you. If not 50% but 100%. Find something that defines you and also, helps you concentrate and improving yourself. That’s the way to the best endings and to the best days of your life.

I have learnt on my own that being calm and positive in a crazy and bad situation can freak out the naive, fake and false people in your life, and also it helps you figuring out and decide what you have to do next for your good. So, find your calm. It helps a lot, and more important it helps you to focus on everything that leads you to success. 


One of the most beautiful moments in my life.

Well, one of the most beautiful ones is with my grandma. Back then, years ago, I had a crush on a boy and I remember that she told me that “You’re the princess of your own kingdom, when you grow up, you’ll be the queen of it. But never forget that you have to choose very wisely who will enter in your kingdom, and where you stop the others to approach in it. “

Then I haven’t really understood about what kingdom she was talking about, but now that I grew up I know what she meant. The kingdom is my heart, and I have to admit that her piece of advice is one of the best pieces that I could ever received. And it will remain as one of the best ones for the rest of my life. Firstly, it was my first piece of advice for my future “problems” and secondly it couldn’t be more wisely. And also, that’s just one and a strong reason from the million reasons that I love her. Even that she’s 81 years old now, she’s still the one who gives the best pieces of advice.

How does a perfect day look for me?

For me, a perfect day, it’s when the whole day I laughed and smiled. When I was truly happy. 

How does a normal day look for me?

A normal day in my life looks like that: if it’s a school week,  the usual routine: like wake up, wash my face, eat, go to school and after school if I have extra classes or training lessons, I attend them. If it’s a holiday week, well I’m doing my program like I feel. If I feel that I want to work on something or that I want to focus more on something else, I’ll do it.

 Also, I received that comment that made me smile too “Your memories from your 1st-8th grades. Gosh, I have so many beautiful and crazy memories with my classmates that you can’t even imagine. For example, in the 7th grade when we broke the clock from our classroom and had to endure our teachers morals, or when “ a lady” filmed us when we were in park and some of my classmates climbed in a tree and of course, the boys shouted at her why the heck is she filming us and she said that we will see ourselves on Facebook that day :)))* she was joking obviously:)* but we were so angry with her that you can’t even imagine. Or when the boys attached a pair of shoes of some cables and took a stick and play Pineau. :)) Those were just some of the best moments from those grades of course, even 5000 words won’t be enough to relate everything we did together, especially in 8 years :))


When do you call a friend = best friend a.k.a when you can actually do that?

The best friend is the person who understands you, stands by your side no matter what, supports you in everything you do, gives you pieces of advice when you need them and also, the one who is happy for you. Trust me, if a person in your life does all of these, is your best friend, but never forget that people can change.

 How do you see yourself in 10 years?

Working and achieving my goals, making my dreams come true and of course travelling and writing.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Writing, working out, reading, painting, drawing and travelling of course. :)

A piece of advice for the profiles of high schools? Suggestions?

Well, my answer to this comment is simple. Think twice before choosing your profile. If you want to study after something that includes math too, you can choose the science and math-info profiles, but if you won’t need math after you finish high school you can choose also philology. Now it’s up to you. And also, it’s up to your ideas and dreams about your future.

And now, at the end of this article I want to answer to your comments, which actually were more than 7, but all of them were saying the same thing.

How to get rid of false friends?

Simple. Ignore them and move on with your life. They'll continue to watch over you, and over everything you do even that they don’t show it, they will. Trust me. ;) That’s why you have to show them how good you are without them in your life. Without people who don’t deserve you and people who don’t know your worth. Don’t waste your time by making revenge plans or something like that, they are already craving for your success and everything you have and they don’t.

That's all for today guys, I hope you enjoyed my article! See ya next week! Much love,