So here is it, the second part of the Q&A ! I'm so sorry that I couldn't post all the questions yesterday, but Simple Site had a software error and it didn't let me post all of them. 

Thank you for your patience !

26. Do you see snakes?

Like do you have snakes around you?

Yup. I see them but now let’s not insult the reptiles. After all they have done nothing bad:))

Btw you should be very careful with those snakes, because they are the false friends who betray you.

27. What music do you listen to?

I don’t have any preference. I’m okay with everything. From pop music to rock and reggaeton. 😊

28. Have you ever thought about making vlogs?

Actually yes. But I don’t have the professional pack yet and I’m still focusing on my blog so maybe next year I’ll give it a try, but until then not a chance. *btw I’ll continue to focus on my blog no matter what*

29. What are you going to do with your blog when you will be at high school and after at university?

Nothing will be changed. I’ll post on my blog every time I can, like now. :)

30. Berli or Cezar?

Both. For those who don’t know who are Berli and Cezar, those are my pets. Berli is my cat and Cezar my dog. Also, Tommy is my other cat too. :))

31. How do you get over a false friendship?

Just moving on with my life.

32. Can you give us a piece of advice for relationships?

For any kind of relationships, the most important thing is to have respect for that person. If there is no respect, there is nothing.

33. Will you ever leave your country?

No. I really don’t want to. My dream job is based also in my country so why would I? Anyway, after all it’s not us who choose our destiny but God.

34. What do you love the most about Romania?

The nature. Like the mountains, the open sea, the rivers, the fields and so on. The scenery is the best too.

35. Where would you travel in this world if you would have an unlimited budget?

Well, I would definitely go to Bora Bora, French Polynesia, Maldives, Thailand and to Bali.

36. What would you do with one million euros?

I would help my family, I would make my life the one I’m dreaming and also, I would help people with bad conditions.

37. How much do you love karate?

Karate for me is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. Like I have said in my last article, karate is the best thing that had ever happened to me so far.

So yeah, I love it more than you can even imagine.

38. What do you think about the people who judge other people before they get to know them?

They are childish, immature. If they can already judge someone before they get to know them, I’m sorry but those people have a lot more to grow up to understand some things. In this life every each of us are struggling with something, so I don’t think it’s normal and mature to judge someone before you get to know him/her or by what others are saying. Or to harass that person. Then you really need help.

39. What’s your opinion about the people who act like someone that they clearly aren’t?

My opinion about those people is that, behind their actions they suffer of anxiety. Or they suffer because of the lack of attention so they act like someone they want to be but unfortunately, they can’t see that they ruin their reputation sometimes.

40. What’s the thing that you have and the ones who are around you want it?

Well, I think sometimes is this blog that I have, or even the thing that I’m on good terms with everyone. It’s very but very rare when I don’t get on with some people and that’s because they did something horrible to me that I just can’t get over it. *but after some time, I get over it and the only thing I feel for those people is mercy and disgust. Also, it’s just a matter of time, everytime, no matter the circumstances in this life,  until you’ll realise something no matter the nature of it* 

41. What’s the only thing you’re really sure about in this life?

The only thing you can be really sure in this life is your family. No matter the circumstances, your family will hold your back no matter what and will be there for you in your hardest moments of your life.

42. What’s the thing you’ll never give up ?

This blog = writing❤ 

43. What’s the thing that makes you feel safe?

Karate. Always. It gives you the power to calm down, to think clearly, to have self-confidence and also to not be afraid of anything but God.

44. What’s worse? To fail or to not give it a try?

To not give it a try is the worst thing ever. Like I have said before, in my last articles, if you don’t give it a try, you’ll never know how is to succeed in life. Just look at this blog. Firstly I gave up knowing that in this world are more than one million blogs with thousands of readers, but after I gave it a try, and surprise! It worked out! I have my own blog with thousands of readers. I have so many kind comments from you that you like and love every article and everytime I read them my heart just melts. So, to be shorter, If you don’t give it a try you’ll never get to know how is to succeed, to be happy and how is to be in love or loved. * with an activity, a thing, a person or an animal, it doesn’t matter* Just give it a try. And if it wasn’t meant to be, then you have a life lesson learnt;)

45. What do you want to remember all of your life?

I want to remember every good/happy memory. I want to remember every time when I was happy, every time when I travelled, what wonderful places I have seen so far and also, I want to remember the people that never left me. Also, the life lessons that I had learnt by my own. They are very important too, to not be fooled again, but also you have to not think very much about them because if you let them roll over and over in your head, the wounds that they once have done to your heart and soul will open again and then you’ll suffer again.

46. What’s the hardest decision you have taken in your life so far?


The hardest one is made by two factors: to accept that some people can be fooled and changed radically and the other factor is to leave knowing that I can’t handle anymore disrespect, but the fact is that, to leave is way harder than to recover sometimes. But after, again, you thank yourself for that decision. Because you’re happier now.

47. In what period of your life have you felt like you truly live?

When I’m travelling, every time I feel that. So, it’s not really a pointed period in my life. ❤

48. What would you done different if you would know that no one would judge you?

Nothing really. I learnt to not care about what others are saying. That’s me, it’s my own life, I’m doing what I want with it.

49. What’s the principal change you have to do this year?

The principal change I have to do this year is to leave everything that holds me back from achieving my goals in life and also making my dreams come true.

50. What are those activities which make you forget how time passes?

The activities that make me forget everytime how time passes are writing, karate, swimming, listening to my favourite music and also, travelling or reading one of my favourite books.