Hello everyone!!!

How are youu? Well, this article is based on your very interesting questions from the Q&A  that I did on my official account on Instagram. I selected 50 questions that were so good, and also knowing that my answers can help you, open your eyes, make you feel better and all of that.

Also, I’m saying that from now, I’ll be extremely open about every question and answer. So, no offence *just in case*

1. Any funny advice for your friends and for your followers?

Oh yes:) Never leave the bread slice in the toaster for more than 5 minutes. Why? Because your kitchen * and also if you left open the kitchen door* the whole house will smell burned and when your mother will come home, she won’t be very happy about the smoke. 

2. Family or career?

Family. Always. Why? Because the career can be changed any second, but the family always is the same no matter what. Family are the people that are always there for you no matter what, the ones that encourage you to continue and to success, the ones who hold your back when you’re physically and mentally tired. Those who love you unconditionally.

3. What ‘s your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is about travelling the whole world and achieving all my goals in my life. I already achieved one goal in my life, I already made a part of this dream come true. This blog❤

4. How do I see me over the years?

Well, stronger physically and mentally of course. *because you never really stop learning life lessons, like who is really your friend, who is really who they act to be and so on.* Travelling, working for the success I want to have in my life and also working to achieve my goals .

5. How do I see my blog over the years?

Well, I see it more interesting because I’ll travel more and more, I’ll experience new things, I’ll meet new people, I’ll see more places and I’ll visit regions and places I have never been before. I’ll have new pieces of advice from my own experiences. And also, I see it well known.❤ Also, I hope I’ll never make you feel bored of my articles. Every time I’m doing something new, because I know that I would not like to read the same things over and over again. And seeing that you like it, more and more, just makes me so happy that you can’t even imagine!❤

6. What do you hate the most?

False friendship.

7. What’s your favourite colour?

Navy blue. Dark navy blue or light navy blue, it doesn’t matter. I love this colour because it always reminds me of the ocean and the sea. One the thing I love the most to do when I’m in vacation and somehow reminds me of this colour, is to navigate.

8. When is your birthday?

17th May

9. What’s the thing you would like to see changed at people?

Well, I would like to see less malice and more kindness, less envy and more respect.

10. Why you don’t like to cook?

 Firstly, for me this is a waste of time right now.:)) I don’t know, I just don’t like it. Pasta is an exception because I love pasta and also making it doesn’t bother me:)) But I don’t cook anything else. Who knows, maybe in the following years I'll change and I will atually cook more than that.

11. If you could give a piece of advice to a child, which one would be it?

Don’t give up, go for it. Whether it ends good or bad it was an experience.

12. Who are your best friends?

My best friends are my mother and other two people who were always there for me.

13. What’s your favourite movie?

My favourite movie is “Pretty woman”. :)) I love it. It’s very funny too.

14. What’s your favourite food?


15. What would you do if you would be alone on an isolated island?

Well, I think I would build my own “kingdom” :))))

16. What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are painting, drawing, writing and reading. And also photography, but I’m not as good as at the other ones.

17. What’s the most beautiful memory from your childhood?

The most beautiful memory from my childhood is when I was playing with my old friends in the streets. We were playing even 12 hours/day. :)) We didn’t have any homework to do then, nothing to worry about. We were little and happy❤

18. When you were little, what have you answered to the people when they had asked you : “What would you like to be when you grow up?”

Well, in my first part of my childhood I always told people I wanted to be a doctor, but in the second part of it I told them I wanted to be a teacher. :))

19. Where are you going to travel this summer?

This summer I’m going to travel in my country and also, I’m going to travel to one of my favourite islands of Greece. Can’t wait to share my adventures with youu!

Btw we are just some weeks apart from my first vacay for this year!!! Can’t wait!

20. What’s your favourite cake?

 I don’t have a specific favourite type of cake but what I can assure you is that I’m in love with everything that @Lolita. Deserts. Macarons does!!! Is the best pastry in town!! So, if you come in Arad, Romania you really should go and try a slice of cake!

21. What’s your favourite brand?


22. What do you think about Romania?

My country is one of most beautiful countries in the world. It has a lot of lakes, rivers, fields, forests, mountains and an open sea! But unfortunately, the government is the ugliest one. I hope it will change soon because this country must be known for its beautiful things and not for the bullshits that our government does.

23. What are you most afraid of?


24. How high do you want to be with your blog?

As high as I can get and as high as God wants me to be with it.

25. What’s your opinion about false friends?

My opinion about false friends is that they are people with no mercy, people who don’t have a character and a personality.