Hi guyss,

How are you? Is it just me who felt like this week passed so hard?

Anyway, in this article I’ll talk about some things very open  and I’m saying that from now, this article has the purpose to open your eyes in a way or another, to help you, to make you feel better and also to give you hope and some encouragement because I think all of us need this in this period of time.

So, with that being said, let the good vibes be:)

The first thing I really want to talk about is about faith.

No. Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about the event from the New Zealand or something which is based on a specific religion. Faith is something that all of us should have. Because if you have faith, you will have everything you want, but for that, to receive what you have asked God for, you have to be patient and also to not give up when you feel like the entire world is falling apart. You’re stronger than you think, and you can survive to anything if you really want to. Trust me, I know what I’m saying. One or two years ago I was hopeless. I’ve been through something horrible and I kept asking myself why God doesn’t hear my prayers? Why God doesn’t seen my good choices? That I had done so much good for others, that I helped a lot of people and why He doesn’t see this?

I think all of us had those questions in our mind, at least once. Well, what I had learnt by my own is that God is not sleeping nor ignoring you. He just waits to see how much faith you have. Don’t stop making good things, good choices or helping others. All the good you have done for others, it will come back as a gift. Not a material one, for sure. The gift that God can give us, is his help, or the wonderful days of our life, and also our best memories that we will never forget. Don’t stop trusting Him, it’s the biggest mistake you can ever do. You’ll see, just wait.

I know some of you might have been through something horrible that I can’t even imagine, or that you are on the edge of giving up, and maybe some of you are very discouraged and your self confidence isn’t that high as it was at first. But don’t give up.

Just think in that way: good days will come, and you’ll find yourself thanking Him for everything you have. You’ll see, you don’t have to trust me. I’m just saying that every obstacle in your life will be paid back to you with happiness, with good days and brilliant memories. You’ll see.

The next thing I want to talk about is self control. I think all of us, at one point in our life, had a person which we hated or disliked so so much because of so many reasons.

Well, I’ll be short and at subject, think twice before you open your mouth or before doing something.

Has this person ever done something bad to you? Has this person done something so horrible to you that you have the right to hate her/him? Has this person ever told you something that bad, that you just can’t be the same anymore with her/him?

Or has this person something that you can’t have and you’re jealous, so that’s why you hate her/him so much? *because that, the last one is the most childish thing you can ever do, and very poor if you action to hurt that person because of that, even just by words or how you behave with her/him, you hurt that person for a childish reason. And if you can’t see this, it means you still have to grow up much more to understand some things. No offence*

Yeah, ask yourself that before you open your mouth or before you make an action, because you can regret it later.

And if a person had done to you something bad, just wait. It will come their round to pay, and trust me, they will . You just have to let God make them pay as hard as they deserve. But you have to see of your life, to keep moving, don’t revenge by yourself, let God do that. He’ll give them exactly what they deserve in the end.:)

Trust me, I had seen that with my own eyes.

And before this article ends I want to tell you one more thing.

When do you think you’ll win?

When you’ll have your dream car?

When you’ll become what you want?

When you’ll have your own family?

When you’ll meet your idol?

No guys, you’ll win when you’ll fall in love with patience. In a world of continue stress, in a world where all of us are just too busy with things to do until you’re on your way home, in a world where a smile can be as cold as ice, to have patience is the greatest thing. Why? Because if you have patience, you have self control. Have a moment to think about your next move, so when you’ll do it, you’ll do it right. And also, you’ll see that people around you are very easy to read them. Because of the continue stress, of the personal problems and issues, they don’t realise how they behave. They even don’t realize the gravity of some of their actions. So yeah, fall in love with patience, because just then you’ll really win.

And with that being said, that’s all for today. I really hope you liked my article, opened your eyes, and why not, I really hope this article helped you in a way or another.

Smile, be nice and never forget that you’re not alone!

Much love,