Hi guys, how are you?

How have you been?

Well I have to say that I've missed so much to write, even that I took just a week off. I really missed writing, and you know why? Because I love what I’m doing here, I love writing to you and telling you my stories, sharing with you my ideas, my dreams and also, giving you some pieces of advice especially when you ask for that.

Soo, in this article I will talk about something unique. As you have seen in the title of the article today, I’m going to talk about the begging. The question is now: Whose beginning?

~Of course, the beginning of the blog ~

You know, those days I was thinking about how I've started this blog, what I felt when I reached 100 views, what I was thinking then, and what made me do that step in this world of writing I can say. Also, the reason, the nature of my feelings. In one word: everything.

I was thinking about everything that has leaded me into this way, and I have to be honest with you, at first, I  didn’t even think one second about making a blog or something as big as this.

Also, I’ll be very honest about everything *like in every article I had posted so far *

For me, being extremely honest with you, not lying for some people’s sake, is the most important thing that makes this blog special.

Soo, let’s start..

You know, I don’t think there was a time when I was more grateful for what God had given me so far. Why? Because I haven’t realised that sometimes all you need to do to be really happy is just to love yourself and find something to do that makes you fall in love with it. Yes, something. Not someone.

Not someone, because people come and go in your life. You have to find something that helps you mentally, that is like a therapy for you. Because you know what? Is so much better than to fell in love with a person, who can hurt you at one point in your life.

*Generally talking, you’ll never know who is your friend, until you’ll succeed and until you'll be down. Just then you’ll be able to see who is really happy for you or who is next to you, cheering you up no matter what. *

Soo, it all had started two years ago. Yes, you read it well. Two years ago, I had started to think about writing. At first, I thought, maybe I should just have a diary, but when I had started making it, I said no.

No, that’s not for me. I don’t like it. So, I've decided to ignore this idea of writing but after a year, the idea of making a blog came into my mind. I really wanted it but you know, when I've seen that in this world there are millions of writers and blogs, I was like ”no, there are too many and it won’t work 100%”, “ I’m not that good at editing or writing like these people” , “ I won’t have so many views in my life” ,” it won’t work” .

Yes, that had disappointed me so so much that I just gave up, without even trying, because then I wasn’t brave enough. And as a following consequence all those ideas that I had made in my mind, that it won’t work and so on, just broke my self confidence and of course I gave up.

I have to admit that it was hard, because (I don’t know how you are) but I’m that kind of person who knows what she wants, and knowing that it “couldn’t” work because of the many many reasons, it was so much more difficult if you know what I mean. I had this idea every day, but I had chose at that time to ignore those thoughts and I started to focus on other things.

After months and months, I found myself making a blog. How did it happen? Well,  all I needed then it was just some encouragement. Where I've found this encouragement if even my closest friends or my family didn’t know about what I wanted to do? Like writing and making a blog?

~Well that’s actually a funny story~

One day, I was just listening to music, and suddently I found a new song. Guess what that song was about.. it was about self confidence, and also it had a piece of advice in its lyrics:” if you really want something to do in your life, do it and don’t let anyone and anything to stop you” and also that “far away isn’t that far away”.

At first, I laughed. Because when I had first listened to this song I wasn’t in my best mood, I can say I was in my worst mood. My self confidence was at the minimum level as possible, like I was really really down. I don’t know how, but when I had listened to this song, my first thought was about writing. About making a blog. I know how it sounds, but have you ever found yourself in a specifically song? Have you ever found some encouragement in a song, in a simply quote or in a piece of advice? Because I did.

Maybe to some of you it sounds childish, or I don’t know, pathetically, but that's how it all started.

It took me two days to think about it, and I finally said “why not” thinking about  another verse of this song “you can not lose what you did not have”, so I made it. My first thoughts were that if there are 20 people *the maximum, of course*  that read my articles it could be the best.

But guess what.... I was wrong. And how wrong I was! I thought the maximum number of people that are reading my articles would be 20, and now, there are more than 2.000 people!!!

It’s amazing how wrong you can be sometimes because you aren’t brave enough to try, because of your illusions and of your lack of bareness. I like to think from that moment that God always has a plan for us, even that we don’t know what will come next, HE will surely do. And you know why? Because he's making the magic.

So, that’s the story of this blog. I fall in love every time I’m writing an article and I really love everything I write, because that’s a part of me. That’s my soul and my heart communicating here and seeing that you like it so much, you just don’t know how much does it mean for me.

You prove me every day how wrong I was back then, and also you prove me that everything is possible. That’s what I mean every time when I say “thank you guys”; and now, knowing the story of this blog, you ought have an idea about how happy you make me feel when you text me/tell me that you love my articles and can’t wait for more.❤


~Don’t give up when you haven’t even tried it yet. The result can be the best gift you’ll ever receive in your life.~

So, that’s all for today guys. I want to say thank you for everything, for supporting me, for making time to read my articles and for your lovely feedback!!!


Much love,