Hi guys!

This article is going to be like a reveal. As I had asked you on Instagram what would you like to read in my next article *this one*, I’ll answer and talk about every subject. I want to thank you for all the answers you've sent me, even that some of them were in private, so you couldn’t see all of them on my stories.

I saw that most of you are interested about my future plans and also my dream job, but some of you asked for a lesson that I've had learnt on my own and some pieces of advice that could help you. I want to tell you that I’ll be very open about every single subject, so I hope you’ll enjoy this touchy article.


My ideas about the future

You know, one year ago I was thinking that 2019 will be an easy year. Like I have learnt a lot of lessons, I had been through a lot and I didn’t thought one second that 2019 will be harder in a way or another. But the difference between 2018 and 2019 is that I’m stronger. Like I think more positively and I had learnt the biggest lesson until now even that, it made me suffer a lot, but I’ll tell you about it later.

So, my ideas for the future are 50% changed. You know, nothing happens for no reason. Have faith, be good, be kind and do not let people and problems change you in a bad way. It’s not fair for you. Learn to love yourself and be happy the way you are. So, I know that there will come harder times, better times, difficult and rough ones, because this life is not pink, at least not every day. There will come wonderful days, miserable days but no matter what, keep moving. That’s what I’m saying to myself every time ”You can do this, keep moving.”-that’s the spirit if you want to really live this life and not just to exist on this planet.

And not to forget to mention: always be kind, and if someone shows you in every possible way that they are not worth your time, leave them behind. You’re not a toy, you’re not a pair of socks they can use and throw it away right after. No. You deserve more. You deserve much better.

Future plans

My future plans have changed in a way or another too. If I was very keen on to have all of my friends & all those people I love/once loved in my future near me, next to me no matter what, well... guess what? People change. And I’m not talking about changing in a good way. They got bored, they got changed by the people who want you to be in a bad mood, or they got changed by their problems, but that’s not an excuse for their behaviour. 

So, my future plans are these: study very hard for my exams, travel, have a healthy lifestyle, write on my blog as many articles as I can, read, enjoy every second of my life, be happy and move on no matter the circumstances.


My dream job

My dream job is to be a military officer. Over the years I had many other ideas about what I would like my career to look like, but I set my heart on army for two years already, and I think that I'll remain at this idea over the following years too.

The biggest lesson I had learnt until now

The biggest lesson I had learnt until now is that people change. And are changed. In a bad way 99%.

Why? It’s simple. Because they are too blind sometimes, too foolish I can say, and without knowing, less or more, they let people change them, people that may want you to suffer and to be in a bad mood. Otherwise they could also get bored and then  decide to leave you like you were nothing, like you were a toy and they got bored of it. Also, another possible reason would be the problems of their life that changed them, but that’s not an excuse for their behavior with you. I don’t think it’s normal to act strange with your friend because you have problems. I had problems too, one worse than another, but I didn’t act like that with my friends.

And you know, the fact that the people you had loved the most are changed or they simply change hurts you like hell.

I had learnt by my own that the people you love the most can destroy you. Like really, you let them to be in your heart and when they got changed and when they leave, they break every single part of your heart. And do you know what's the funniest part? When you practically recovered and when you have moved on, they want to come back. To be at least friends with you. Like really, how fool do you think I am? Even if we talk about friends or more, this topic applies to both categories. After all what you made me get through, you want to come back? Really?

As I said, at the bottom of this article I will be very but very open about everything.

I've never expected that some people that I  had really loved them, with all my heart, with all my soul that I could done anything for them, anything , will change the way they did. Maybe some of them were changed by the others, but it’s their fault too. Because they could have put a stop to these people, but they didn’t. They let them. I have to admit that I hardly find my words to tell you this experience, because how simply it sounds to get over it, to move on, to recover, it’s not hard. It’s the hell on Earth I can say. But, I had recovered, and I forgive all those people because God says to forgive, but surely I won’t forget. I can’t, even if I want to. Friends or more than that, I trusted these people.  

I was too good for them and surely they didn’t deserved me. When I’m thinking how many times I chose to close my eyes, to pretend I can’t see that they are changing and that they have changed. I always thought “I’m too protective”; “I’m too attached that’s all” but it wasn’t that. And when they finally made the last “strike” to you, you had finally opened your eyes and realised that those people didn’t deserved a second chance. With the risk of repeating myself, friends or more than that, I trusted them, but I should have left at the first 'red flags'.

You know, I’m not that kind of girl who always gives second chances, but when I give them, those people must mean something to me. But when you come for the 3rd chance, that’s not a mistake. It’s a choice.

How did I recover? Well I have to admit that at first I needed some support from my mom and from some of my friends. After I decided to put a 'barrier' to my heart, like to not get fooled again. A barrier that will defend me from suffering after people who turned out to be exactly the opposite of what they shown me 'till that moment. And guess what, I’m happier now because of that.

After I simply continued my life. I went out a lot with my closest friends, I attended  some events, parties and studied a lot for the exams.

What I learnt from this experience is that:

~the people you love the most can destroy you

~do not wait for someone to hurt you so bad to open your eyes

~put a barrier, that if a “friend” leaves from your life to not be hurt again ~when you see that a person shows you in every possible way that he/she doesn’t deserves you, leave them behind

~do not let people change you

Some advice that might help you

For those who had written me in private that they would like to read some pieces of advice about how to recover after a breakup and all of that, here they are.

First of all, if you have objects from that person as gifts put them in a box and hide them somewhere you can’t see them anymore. After delete or hide somewhere all your photos with him/her.

Do not listen sad songs or stay alone. Socialise, it helps you a lot. Hangout with your friends, best friends, sister/brother or your mom why not. Let people make you feel better. Do what you love, find an occupation, do a lot of activities. For example: go to gym, go swimming, go for a run, read/write/paint/draw something. Do something that makes you feel better. That makes you feel happy.

Stop thinking about that person. It’s hard, I know, especially if you went out with him/her everywhere in your town, but you can do this. You’ll see. And after some time, some weeks or maybe some months you’ll be at least half- recovered. Every person loves in his/her way, every relationship is different, so I can't tell you exactly when you'll be completely recovered. Anyhow, what I can guarantee you is that after a lot of time,when you’ll remember all the good memories with that person you will smile, but also don't forget that in spite of the good memories he/she didn’t deserved you.

They made you feel horrible. But that will be the past. You’ll have forgiven this person by then, trust me, even if you don’t want to, you will. But, if you’re like me, more specifically if you had truly loved this person so much, you won’t forget. Even If you don’t want to accept that, this person was a part of your life. And that’s all guys.

Like Ariana Grande says, “ Thank you, next”;)

Much love,