Soo, in this article I want to talk about what real friendship is.

I’m going to present you a girl, who I really can call a true friend, but at first I want to tell you the meaning of true friendship for me.

You know, someone told me a long time ago “Choose your friends carefully, because not all of them are your friends.”

Back then, I haven’t understood the main meaning, but now I fully understand that the person who told me that, was a wise person. Why? Because when you have been through a lot, just the real friends will be there for you. “not all of them are your friends” -wise words *again*

Not all of your friends are your friends, some of them are nothing more than just strangers to you, but the 'funny' part is that you'll realise that too late to not suffer . They let you down at the first occasion or are actually friends with you for a reason, and when they finally get to have what they were looking for, they leave you like you were nothing. Like you don’t have feelings. Stay away from those kind of friends , they are very toxic , or better said, dangerous for your feelings and mostly to your mental health. Why i'm saying that they are dangerous to your mental health too? Well that's because you start to think that it's your fault , and stuff like that, or you simply blame yourself for how foolish you were until the moment when you had finally opened your eyes.

For me, friendship means first of all respect. Like every kind of relationship you have, there must be respect. From both sides. Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life and said “I’m here for you” and proved that. Also, you can not see a person for months, and still call him/her a friend.

When that person has actually missed you and proved you that, by the warm of the hugs he/she gave you and by the emotions both of you felt about seeing each other after a long time. Distance is just a test for all of us. You can be countries, miles apart from that person, and still be friends. If he/she is listening to all your problems and is here for you, cheering you up and helping you, not letting you down ;what other proof do you need more, to call this person your friend?

I have friends miles away, from different reasons, but we are supporting each other anytime, and when the time comes to meet, we are thrilled for that.

And that’s all for today, I hope you like my articles so far, and stay tuned for more!