Year: 2019


Hello lovely readers,

Guess where I chose to go in vacation!

And because I couldn’t decide whether to travel in my country or outside of it, I said let’s do both. Soo, it was hard to choose the locations because there were so many offers that were actually really but really good, but in the end I made a decision. For the Easter vacation, I chose to travel in my country, more specifically in Maramureș. Because it will be spring, the scenery will be more magical if possible. The trees and flowers will be blooming and the fresh air of spring will make it so beneficial for us. The only thing I’m worried about is the weather. I really hope I’ll have a sunny and warm holiday and not a rainy one. I’m going to visit a lot of tourist spots, make a lot of photos, and also there will be a lot of activities I’ll attend to.

For now, that’s all I can tell you. Stay tuned! 

 Maramureș in the spring season

Travelling makes me happy, makes me realize how much I haven’t seen, how much I’m not going to see and how much I still need to see. Travelling is something unique you know? When you see so many beautiful places in this world, when you actually get to know and also learn something of every tradition of the country you have been visiting, and also when you see so much kindness where you’re going (because guys, I can tell you that I never had a bad experience with people in my vacations.) I had travelled in my country and outside of it, and everywhere there were so many kind people. Maybe I was lucky or maybe that’s how it is, I’m not God to know that, but that’s my experience after all and I’m glad to have it like that.

Everywhere I went, people were actually happy to meet the tourists and to socialise, to show them something new of the place they are visiting. For example: when I  went to Greece, in Zakynthos, when I was having dinner with one friend and my mom, the chef of the main restaurant approached us and started a conversation. He asked us about the way we feel, if we like the food and if we have something to complain about it, how’s the accommodation and of course a lot more. He even made us a few compliments. Of course, I’m not going to hide that all the waiters came to our table to catch a part of our conversation, and all the restaurant was looking at us..🤭

The food was excellent. I remember that I had eaten so many fruits and also so much ice cream that when I came home, one month I took a pause of every sort of sweets and also of fruits. 

So, I had decided this year to travel in my country and also outside of it. As I've said, for the Easter holiday I’m going to travel in Maramureș and for the summer vacation I chose to travel in Crete.

I assure you, it was very hard to choose the destination for the summer vacation, because there were so many locations and so many great offers.

I was looking for something exotic, something new, something peaceful with a lot of activities because I’m not that kind of girl who lays on the beach all day. I like to see the whole island *if I’m going on an island* (in that case yes), to make snorkeling or scuba diving, to go on short boat trips and a lot more.

I had offers to go everywhere, from Mallorca to Crete and so on. I chose Crete this time because I’m practically in love with the scenery. Like really, really in love with it. The water, the beaches, everything it's just perfect.

It kind of reminds me of Zakynthos. 🤔

I can’t give you more information yet, because I’ll make a special article for it too. I’m telling you just that: Stay tuned guys, because I’m going to spam you with a lot of photos from both vacations.

That’s all for today! Much love,