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I hope you missed my articles as much as I have missed writing:) The theme of this article is already very clear from the title of its, so with no more words in plus, let's begin!

Prom night.

Two words. Million feelings.

This is the night every each of us was waiting for so long. The night when we are going to make the memories that will bring a smile on our face everytime we remember them after months and years. After eight years of school, we had finished a very important cycle of our life. We had made memories we will never forget and we had made so many bullshits and silly things together. I’m going to miss my classmates so much, but I can’t say that I’m not thrilled for what’s going to come. The last year taught me so many things. I’ve been through a lot of situations that I couldn’t even dream of. There were moments and moments, but at the final of it, I can say just that I’m so proud of this year. I’m so proud of my achievements. Of my actions. I had moved on things and people that were holding me back. And finally I succeed. Even that my cycle of friends is not as big as it was in the first place, I’m happy and grateful. After all, those who are meant to stay, will stay no matter what in your life, the others are just some lessons that had taught you something.

So yeah, prom night was one of the best nights I had until now.

I had so much fun and of course we  had made so many delightful memories! We danced, laughed, sang our favourite songs and so on.

Here are some photos of us, so you can feel the party vibes:)




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After we had finished with our final exams, because the prom was before we had the exams, we made an after party. Just our class. It was very funny and of course very cool I can say:)) We had a lot of fun and most important, we had partied one last time.:)

So, that’s all for now. I hope you liked this article and felt the awesome vibes:)


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